presence chamber

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room in which a monarch or other great person receives guests, assemblies, etc

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In freezing January weather, proceedings began in the royal presence chamber, with lords of the Privy Council as spectators.
in Figure 2, Edward VI is enthroned in the royal presence chamber rather than the stylized "interior of a church" [p.
the Great or Guard Chamber, where the Guard stood, the Presence Chamber, dominated by the throne and canopy, where the king dined in state, received important visitors, and met his Council; and finally the Privy Chamber, which was both the king's bedroom and his private day-room.
The life-size work was hung in his Presence Chamber.
At its west end the privy gallery joined Wolsey's old state rooms, the great hall, the great chamber and the presence chamber.
Fawcett is now personal consultant to Charles, but in the 1990s as a senior valet, he controlled the Presents Chamber - the name was a pun on the presence chambers where monarchs traditionally received courtiers.