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Synonyms for prescript

a code or set of codes governing action or procedure, for example

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Synonyms for prescript

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I understand that given the apparent ubiquity of globalization worldwide and postcoloniality in the specific South Asian condition, such a claim to having distanced myself from the object of my criticism would sound critically untenable, would be against the prescripts of criticism.
For example, environmental protests that act in relation with state environmental management prescripts (or lack thereof) or that emerge in relation to attempts to disappear or hold separate relational configurations within specific places are manifestations of, and manifest within, an already always happening environmental management.
He presents an epistolary analysis of the prescript, the thanksgiving period, the letter body the paraenesis, and the letter closing.
Once a non-controlled substance, they were banned by the FDA following the 1988 Olympics, when the Anabolic Steroid Control Act was enacted (2004).The act prohibits possession of anabolic steroids without a prescript ion and also restricts distribution and production.
Womanist mothering embraces the spiritual power of struggle, African retentions in familial structures--presenting the "village" model as a viable alternative to the Western prescript of the nuclear family where the mother is charged with the primary care of children, and empowers mothers to merge her identity as a conscious, and even revolutionary woman, with her role as a mother by passing along her beliefs and practices to her children.
It then gives two examples--one with and and one with but--before continuing with the following prescript: "Two-part sentences of which the second member is introduced by as (in the sense of because), for, or, nor, and while (in the sense of and at the same time) likewise require a comma before the conjunction" (p.
Nearer Christmas, it is also best to check you have enough prescript tion medicine to cover the festive b holidays so you don't put an additio pressure onto out-of-hours GP servi for something that is entirely preve able with some forward planning.
If I may venture an advertisement for myself, considering the turbulence of Mailer and Hemingway's work and inner life, along with Kurt Vonnegut's as the scene of constant warfare, Vernon's reference to Paul Fussel's line, "My war is synonymous with my life" would have made the ideal prescript for my forthcoming study of Hemingway: Vonnegut and Hemingway: Writers at War (U.
The process of taking the risky decisions often diverges from the prescript rational model, because the uncertainty deforms the perception and exerts strong influence on the consciousness by means of the subject of given situation.
The number of prescript ions ha s soa r ed f rom 2.7million a decade ago.
--o/au: the sign that is interpreted as o (in 18.4 piso; 21.2 ma:no; 21.7 dano; 22.1-3 taltalo#y, pana:loy, ra:no) must probably be considered to represent au, since the rule throughout most of the history of Indic writing is that prescript e combined with postscript a makes o, and that 'something extra' makes au--we have here 'something extra' in prescript ai, as opposed to e.
The paperwork presents a part of the new technologies and architectures for integration of the information systems that allow communication of data between heterogeneous databases and provide an integrated management for processes and documents, integration of new and legacy applications, management of the data storage space and their security, being detailed the policies prescript by authors after a study made on 76 Romanian companies for assuring the prerequisites for implementing integrated management systems, project being in course, funded by Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.
Contrary to analogical German standards which call for municipal landfill two sealing barriers (combined or a so called sandwich sealing), Czech standards for waste deposits, class S III and S IV, prescript only one sealing layer (mineral sealing, foil HDPE or another technical sheet).
In this paper were detailed the policies prescript by author after a study made on 76 Romanian companies for assuring the prerequisites for implement integrated management systems, project being in course, funded by Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.