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building reserved for the officiating clergy

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When some conservative leaders initiated a plan to launch the ECO denomination, the presbytery developed with great care a "reconciliation and dismissal procedure." Many other presbyteries did so, too, but where some of the others' policies are stringent and even threatening, the NCP policy is filled with grace.
A meeting of moderators of presbyteries, held about a year after union, showed that presbyteries were having a number of teething troubles, but in most cases were dealing with these in a very constructive way.
Unexpectedly, some of the presbyteries that changed their votes to support the amendment are in conservative states such as Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Montana.
The overture that passed asked for "declaratory legislation which enables presbyteries and sessions to consider for certification gay and lesbian candidates for ministry and which enables sessions to give permission for the celebration of marriage for gay or lesbian couples who come under their pastoral care."
3 letter to the church's 173 regional governing bodies, called presbyteries, the Rev.
At their November meetings at least two presbyteries will be considering overtures to General Assembly about the inclusion of homosexual people in the Presbyterian Church.
OVT 42 * Amend G-3.0403(c) to allow churches to realign with other established presbyteries in the PC(USA).
the official languages of Canada, in Korean, the language of two of the church's presbyteries, and in Dakota, Ojibwe and Plains Cree, the primary languages spoken by the children in the two residential schools that were run by the church.
OVT 28 * Direct those proposing any mid council boundary changes to consult with surrounding presbyteries. Homestead Presbytery.
On occasion some pastors from surrounding presbyteries join with us.
* A church whose mid-councils may focus on relationships or mission, leadership development, administrative support or essential ecclesiastical functions as the glue that helps presbyteries be in covenantal community with one another."
OVT 25 * Amend G-2.0401 to allow presbyteries to elect and ordain persons as commissioned ruling elders.
Others suggested changes to the structure and even (in one report) suggested loosening the rules for a couple of years so that presbyteries and congregations could more easily experiment with new ways.
This all transpired during a time when some other presbyteries were selling their camps or conference centers--sometimes after years of debate and financial losses.
Fred Stewart encourages "presbyteries to take their pastoral responsibilities seriously." In my experience this is an area where presbyteries tend to fail miserably, particularly when the minister is in the midst of a highly stressful ministry relationship with a combative session rife with gossip and other dysfunctional behaviour, all of which lead the minister into burnout territory, or the isolation of being beat-up emotionally and spiritually.