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an elder in the Presbyterian Church

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It is interesting to note that most of the references to female presbyters come rather late and that most come not from the East, where female deacons were more widely known, but from the West.
Eusebius's foes invaded his residence and conveyed him and the presbyter Tegrinus to a place where they were closely confined (6.
However, the editors describe the evolution of the offices of deacon and presbyter, including what duties belonged to each office and how those duties changed over time.
The permanent diaconate shall consist of "deacons for life" ordained by a bishop to assist the bishop and presbyter in church's mission, proclaiming of the word, celebration of the sacraments and coordinating the community's diakonia.
Peter Coutts is the general presbyter, or congregational consultant, for the Presbytery of Calgary.
Moseley , Executive Presbyter of New Castle Presbytery in Newark, DE; Rabbi Michael Beals of Beth Shalom in Wilmington; Bishop Aretha Morton of Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral in Wilmington; and James Lafferty , Executive Director of the Mental Health Association in Delaware.
the date of Cyprian's conversion to Christianity being as early as 245 (see Bobertz's dissertation on 119), his ever being a presbyter (see Bobertz 117-19; Maurice Bevenot in the Journal of Theological Studies n.
Again, Cordes rejects a sociological view of organizations or leadership, and emphasizes the theological nature of the priesthood: "Being a presbyter receives its decisive quality not in the activities he performs as part of his ministry, but in the priest's subordination to Christ.
Spradlin also serves as a presbyter and board member in the denomination's Oregon-Southern Idaho district, based in Drain.
2) For many decades the only training available to would-be evangelical pastors was trial-and-error pulpit practice and pastoral apprenticeship under a senior presbyter.
Peter Coutts, a general presbyter with the Presbytery of Calgary-MacLeod, wrote Choosing Change: How to motivate congregations to face the future.
Manalo, a presbyter in the Paulist order, specializes in ritual music, liturgical inculturation and spirituality.
If after this decision of this holy and great synod anyone shall attempt such a thing, or shall lend himself to such a proceeding, the arrangement shall be totally annulled, and he shall be restored to the church of which he was ordained bishop or presbyter or deacon.
However, there was a liturgical and sacramental connection between bishop and presbyter that excluded the deacon, already evident in the early church.
In the Greek language the word for elder is presbyter and so the second son is clearly the Presbyterian brother.