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an elder in the Presbyterian Church

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Wills does suggest that our church would do fine administratively with just presbyters (elders) and deacons (agents), presumably of either gender.
Also, as the local church is the diocese under the bishop, and not just a parish, there is also another sense in which the bishop and the college of presbyters make another corporate personality.
But Milton does not apply the label "Popery" to either the members of the English Church or to the Presbyterians; true, in the sonnet "On the New Forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament," he suggests that the "New Presbyter is but Old Priest writ Large," but this hardly means that Presbyterians practice "Popery," and should thus be excluded from a program of toleration.
There'susually a bus from here to Presbyter Street every ten minutes but today the weather'smessed up the timetable.
Previously, it was thought to be a letter addressed to Sotas, a presbyter of Heracleopolis, but Luijendijk contends that it is a letter from the presbyters of Heracleopolis to Sotas, the bishop of Oxyrhynchus (the term for presbyter is abbreviated and so neither its case nor number can be known).
Again, Cordes rejects a sociological view of organizations or leadership, and emphasizes the theological nature of the priesthood: "Being a presbyter receives its decisive quality not in the activities he performs as part of his ministry, but in the priest's subordination to Christ.
The passion for prison ministry is growing in our presbytery," says Susan Andrews, the general presbyter of the Hudson River Presbytery in New York state.
It was during this time, he says, that the future saint developed the tools with which he would exercise enormous impact as presbyter and bishop of Hippo and on later Latin ecclesiology.
The second part of the work, which is considerably better informed, discusses Lessing's major discoveries and learned accounts, in Wolfenhittel, of works by Berengar of Tours, Theophilus Presbyter, and other medieval writers, paying tribute to his growing expertise in palaeography, diplomatics, and iconography.
The permanent diaconate shall consist of "deacons for life" ordained by a bishop to assist the bishop and presbyter in church's mission, proclaiming of the word, celebration of the sacraments and coordinating the community's diakonia.
Jerry North, executive presbyter of the Presbytery of San Fernando and the Rev.
Another chapter discusses the question of the ordination of women in the early church, squaring off the earlier work of Danielou and Gryson that concluded a lack of any positive evidence other than the ordination of deaconesses in the East, against the more recent work of Giorgio Otranto of the University of Bari, which claims that in certain times and places even in the West, women were ordained not only deaconess but presbyter, the equivalent of the modem priest.
Robert Vosu, elder presbyter of the UECBE 1970-85, says more cautiously, allowing the reader to read between lines: "In the changed situation there remained only this possibility to work: to operate in the frame work on the All-Union ECB brotherhood.
The description of the decorations on Ammion's tombstone as a spindle, distaff, and small box raises a cautionary note in identifying Ammion as a female presbyter.