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of an inactive stage in the development of some insects, between the larval and the pupal stages

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In the laboratory, the duration of the second stadium was 6-8 days while the duration of the third stadium (including the prepupal period) was 15-20 days.
The mature larva ceases to feed as it progresses to the prepupal stage which secures the mummy to the plant surface by means of silken threads (Chien et al.
6 h for the prepupal and pupal stages, respectively.
7-12) were allowed to grow and develop to the prepupal stage on these rose plants.
Response variables included larval weight at 12 d and 24 d, larval duration of development and survival, prepupal and pupal weights, % emergence of adults, fecundity, and fertility.
Average prepupal development times was significantly the shortest on the jicama diet, and that the control (tuberose bulb) was significantly longer than on tuberose B, but not significantly longer than on tuberose A and tuberose C.
Embryonic development (d from oviposition to hatching), larval period (d from egg hatch to prepupation), prepupal period (d from prepupation to pupation) and pupal period (d from pupation to adult emergence) were examined and photographed by an Olympus C7070 wide zoom zamera attached to an Olympus SZX9 stereo zoom microscope.
Prepupal and pupal stages were barely found in the flowers and apparently most of species in mango in this study have an edaphic phase, which is characteristic of species of Thysanoptera (Morse & Hoddle 2006).
Host leaves were replaced every other day until the prepupal stage, when leaves were removed for the remainder of the study.
In the prepupal stage, it stops feeding (it still has the larval form), is almost immobile, and makes only circular movements of its terminal segments, passing from 1 to 2 d in this stage.