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(especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty

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Ovarian tissue banking is considered experimental, but may be the only option available for women who must initiate treatment immediately, or for prepubescent girls.
In Glasgow Miley Cyrus showed prepubescent girls how to let it all hang out.
BEIRUT: A backstage camera follows a gaggle of youngsters in sequined dresses as they giggle through preparations for a primary school performance, a Rockettes-style floorshow for prepubescent girls.
A satire on the music industry, replete with an endearing protagonist, obsessed fans, and the exhaustion and pressure of a long tour, The Love Song of Jonny Valentine maps out one prepubescent boy's personal struggle in the spotlight.
It is a matter of serious concern that prepubescent children are being raped.
LGBT trailblazers Tym Moss and Joe Marshall collaborate on this new hysterical yet touching holiday production featuring Tym as a Flamin' Cowboy, Prepubescent Girl, High Society Lady, Little Boy, a Drug Addict and more.
It is all so very predictable by now, and unless a new direction is found, we can expect more of the same next year, the same old prepubescent leg-pulls masquerading as fine art, the same old self-aggrandisement and back-slapping.
If the John Jay researchers had used that cutoff, a vast majority of the abusers' victims would have been considered prepubescent," noted the New York Times.
One middle-aged woman, who said she was attacked by the youths, reported that some appeared to be as young as 12 and were possibly prepubescent.
When this elicited a bemused response, the singer launched into an explanation of his prepubescent feelings
And the emotional maturity of a prepubescent schoolgirl.
These plant essences probably have similar effects in young girls, and hormone-mimicking plant compounds may upset their physiological balance at a prepubescent age.
Barbaric as it may sound today, castrating prepubescent boys was common practice in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries, initially to supply high voices for church choirs (in which women were not allowed to perform).
First also objected to the idea that hebephilia needed to be added to the definition because many men do not differentiate between prepubescent and pubescent children, and offend against both.
I was terrified because I hadn't worked out at all and then I sawTaylor and felt incredibly inadequate and emasculated next to him with my prepubescent girl's A-cups.