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(especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty

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8, > 12 years 2/ 10; androstenedione (nmol/L): prepubertal 0.
The effect of testosterone propionate during fetal and neonatal life on ovaries and also in prepubertal and adult female rats have been studied and reported that it resulted in a significant increase in body weight; the total number of follicle was unchanged, but there was significant increase in activating transitory follicles and a decrease in small antral follicles.
Leptin acts centrally to induce the prepubertal secretion of luteinizing hormone in the female rat.
A total of 50 Estonian prepubertal girls participated in this study, who were divided into rhythmic gymnasts (n = 25) and untrained control (n = 25) groups.
The Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Study arm mimics human exposure during critical windows of development, and includes a) prenatal (F1) animals treated during embryonic life and sacrificed at postnatal day (PND) 21; b) postnatal (F1) animals treated through lactation, starting from birth (PND 1) and sacrificed at PND 21; c) prepubertal (F1) animals treated from PND 21 to PND 42; d) pubertal (F1) animals treated from PND 42 to PND 63; and e) adult parous and nulliparous (F1) female animals treated from PND 1 through lactation, until PND 181 (Figure 1).
Pohl et al reviewed four pediatric centres and reported on 98 prepubertal patients.
This twenty-year-old boy presented with failure to have intercourse following marriage eunuchoid body proportion, absence of facial and axillary hair and sparse pubic hair, high pitched voice, small sized phallus, absent libido and bilaterally descended prepubertal testes [Figure 1(a)].
Testes from 3 to 7 month old prepubertal buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves were collected from Nanning slaughterhouse.
Incidence of discharge in prepubertal age group was 7% and 6% in postmenopausal group.
Tenders are invited for Provide veterinary services for the county adoption and animal shelter to includes in house vaccinations to include rabies; in house surgical sterilization, to include prepubertal spaying and neutering; anesthesia induction and monitoring; surgeries, primarily canine and feline castrations and spays, to include cryptochid surgeries; exploratory surgery to determine sterilization status; perform triage examination and treatment of the department~s sick and injured animals; perform tests and/or treat livestock involved in cruelty/neglect cases.
The prepubertal population has shown time and time again a robust placebo response to almost any intervention aimed at depression.
4) In contrast, other testicular neoplasms in the prepubertal population present later in life.
While there is minimal skeletal growth during prepubertal period, significant growth occurs during puberty, but with great individual variation (Silveira, Fishman, Subteln, & Kassebaum, 1992; Moore, 1997).
It usually occurs in prepubertal children and its main features are hyperkeratotic perifollicular papules forming sharply demarcated erythematous plaques, localized to the elbows, knees, and dorsal aspects of the hands and feet.