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For example, socially competent behavior often requires not choosing prepotent responses (e.
Neufeldt, Karno, and Nelson (1996) have also highlighted the prepotent role that reflectivity plays in therapist development.
Their results indicated that, for Hispanics and (non-Hispanic) Caucasians, psychological parameters were clearly prepotent, followed by social factors and, least of all, by economic factors.
Whether we may be entirely fair in calling this a modernist theme, since it has been shared by earlier artists (von Kleist, Buchner, and Laforgue, among others, come to mind from the last century), recognition of how much human beings by their very nature are exalted and abased, show as both prepotent and pitifully ineffectual, seems central to the mocking, ironic humor of both Kis and Konwicki, central, in fact, to the humorous disposition of our century, wherein what is and is not calls forth bleak despair and outrageous hilarity by turns.
2a) (A [conjunction] A) LI> (p LI> p) Indeed, ~A [conjunction] A' is so prepotent a presupposition that although it does not preclude our encountering ~p.
The two main functions within ACT have been identified as the Inhibition function which is the ability to purposefully inhibit prepotent processes when needed and focus on relevant ones; and the Shifting function which is the ability to shift between multiple tasks and mental sets (Miyake et al.
The results suggest that Pb exposure during childhood impaired the child's ability to allocate the cognitive resources needed to correctly inhibit a prepotent response, resulting in increased impulsivity, whereas postnatal PCB exposure appeared to affect processes associated with error monitoring, an aspect of behavioral regulation required to adequately adapt to the changing demands of the environment, which results in reduced task efficiency.
Monsun has been designated a split Classic/Solid chef-de-race because as Miller notes in his analysis, Monsun is "exerting prepotent influence on his progeny for middle-distance stamina".
Following the interlude of the rule of Walter of Brienne (1342-43), who tried to establish social peace and bring magnates back into the city's political class, the regime of the Guelf popolo tried to restrain the prepotent lineages of city and contado.
859) has noted, "irrational" behavior becomes prepotent over no behavior at all: It seems likely .
CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that Pb exposure during childhood impairs the child's ability to allocate the cognitive resources needed to correctly inhibit a prepotent response, resulting in increased impulsivity.
He didn't have the necessary prepotent influences in his pedigree," he reflected.
To spend big money on a stud fee I need proof the stallion is prepotent.
291), or an inhibition of any response for a period that allows opportunity for less prepotent stimuli to be processed.
Response inhibition is a behavioral process characterized by active termination of prepotent, ongoing, or otherwise routinized behaviors (Barkley 1997).