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This indicates that an individual's working memory, planning, and organizing skills are more connected to life satisfaction in comparison to inhibiting prepotent responses and controlling thought, behavior, and emotion.
Bilingual children, for example, outperform monolinguals when faced with problems containing conflicting or misleading cues, especially on conditions in which the demands for inhibitory control (the ability one has to deliberately inhibit dominant, automatic, or prepotent responses when it is necessary; Miyake et al.
Decision-making and prepotent response inhibition functions in excessive Internet users.
In the opposite world condition, participants were asked to say the opposite for each digit (saying 1 for 2 and 2 for 1) as quickly as possible, which requires attention to be directed at the goal at hand (saying the opposite) by inhibiting the prepotent response (e.
Barkley argues that three inhibitory processes--(a) inhibition of the prepotent response; (b) stopping of an ongoing response; and (c) interference control--support higher abilities like working memory, internalization of speech, self-regulation of affect-motivation-arousal, reconstitution, and motor-control-fluency-syntax (15).
According to Barkley's theory of AD/HD (58), deficient behavioral inhibition is the core deficit of the disorder Behavioral inhibition may be separated into three interrelated processes called "inhibition of the initial prepotent response to an event," "stopping of an ongoing response," and "interference control" (59).
Regarding the last characteristic, it is an important element the fact that Alexei believes so much in his religion that he starts nurturing an arrogant and prepotent thinking that everything he believes or knows is good should happen.
Morgans descended from one prepotent sire, Figure, who was born in 1789.
The first one holds that an action is maintained with respect to its prepotent identity that is the spontaneous understanding of the action, which insures the maintenance of the given action over time and across circumstances.
This test measures the ability to focus attention on relevant stimuli while ignoring distracters and to suppress a prepotent response (i.
Color-Word Reading is the third component of the Stroop test, which is a measure of response inhibition requiring patients to inhibit a prepotent response.
to set classics too long prepotent, too long dusty aside, often in the boisterous shadow of, the Afro-American, the Chicano, the Amazonian traditions" (Steiner, "What Is" 209-10; emphasis added)?
The abilities tested in this study included how fast the players can switch tasks (an indicator of mental flexibility); how fast can the players adapt to a new situation instead of relying on the same strategy (the ability to inhibit prepotent or predominant responses); and how well they can focus on information while blocking out distractors or inappropriate responses (also known as the Flanker task in cognitive psychology).
CEC is dominant in tasks requiring attentional and behavioral inhibitory control, working memory, and ability to suppress prepotent responding, via prefrontal support.
43) Germans found his language and style to be not only prepotent but also German.