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Two missed deadlines later the preposterousness of that idea became clear.
Luckily, since the film is aware of its own preposterousness, it allows the audience to equally accept this situation and put logic aside.
Although Lorde defines herself as Black, woman, mother, lesbian, her works suggest that her multiple identities are not fixed concepts, but are meant to negate the very concept of identity in the sense that if identity is not stable but "performative," the whole concept of identity collapses in preposterousness.
There's an undertow of exhaustion and even preposterousness to Barrett's quest--to be the person he is at this moment in time and also to be a person seeking (or open to being sought by) the divine.
Having thus evolved into a monstrous preposterousness, "minority issues are increasingly taking centre stage in Indian politics, whether in the form of separatist movements, demands for increased political representation, or the need to provide protection to its many religions and cultures.
You have to savor the movie's extremeness and preposterousness without getting so removed that you fail to enjoy its genuine excitement and tension.
Riddled with inconsistency, stupidity, alarming coincidence and a gun-toting granny, it corkscrews a path through plot-holes into a pit of preposterousness.
The very fact that you can befriend or EoACAyunfriend' someone online should alert one to the preposterousness of the concept.
Unfortunately for Salomon, what was an interesting premise quickly succumbs to its own preposterousness and lack of fluid writing.
Even the preposterousness of that doesn't take away from the fact that The Raid is a must-see film for action fans.
It's a slow, alienating trawl towards a finale that's remarkable only for its sheer preposterousness.
In terms of substance, the story of an anti-papal plot, for instance, collapsed under its own preposterousness.
The preposterousness of the scene at the fertility clinic, for example, where a series of older men sit with their young trophy wives awaiting treatment, and where the prospect of fathering a new baby at 58 despite his falling sperm levels fills Jake (Alec Baldwin) not with youthful vigour but despair; and Jane's tentatively asking Adam (Steve Martin) on their first date, "I'm not too old for you?
The preposterousness of The Debt's premise often is matched by absurdities in its realization as a movie.