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creating a favorable impression

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As everybody knows, fine feathers make fine birds; a peasant girl but very moderately prepossessing to the casual observer in her simple condition and attire, will bloom as an amazing beauty if clothed as a woman of fashion with the aids that Art can render; while the beauty of the midnight crush would often cut but a sorry figure if placed inside the field-woman's wrapper upon a monotonous acreage of turnips on a dull day.
She looked at him with great admiration, and even supposed it possible that some people might think him handsomer than his brother, though, in her eyes, his air was more assuming, and his countenance less prepossessing.
Umbopa set to work, with the assistance of an extremely prepossessing young woman, to boil our portion in a large earthenware pot over a fire which was built outside the hut, and when it was nearly ready we sent a message to Infadoos, and asked him and Scragga, the king's son, to join us.
She had large black eyes and her nose was slightly aquiline; in profile she had somewhat the look of a bird of prey, but full face she was prepossessing.
There was no member of it in whom I regretted this sad want of principle so much as Miss Murray herself; not only because she had taken a fancy to me, but because there was so much of what was pleasant and prepossessing in herself, that, in spite of her failings, I really liked her--when she did not rouse my indignation, or ruffle my temper by TOO great a display of her faults.
In repose the faces of the men were intelligent and dignified, those of the women ofttimes prepossessing.
He did it, but he was not a very prepossessing looking object when he staggered out on deck twelve hours later, into the noon sunshine.
He was not an extremely prepossessing father, as fathers go.
When the firelight again illuminated the room there was seen, sitting gingerly on the edge of a stool by the hearthside, a swarthy little man of prepossessing appearance and dressed with faultless taste, nodding to the old man with a friendly and engaging smile.
My front was prepossessing, as fronts go, and my pockets empty.
I beg your pardon,' he said, coming from the window with a frank and smiling air, and a prepossessing address; 'the beans.
I found him to be a most prepossessing man, so far as manners and appearance were concerned.
Nor does it become less prepossessing on a closer acquaintance.
I found you a handsome, prepossessing, elegant fellow, and I threw you into the society I can still command.
He was quite a young gentleman of pleasure now, and not quite a prepossessing one.