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A prepossessed simple note representing God, however, must he either shared in common with creatures or proper to God alone.
Although these feeds were available, Das and Sanyal prepossessed design formulas in 1976 for a concentric loop [8].
I saw him at Cin[cinnati] and was prepossessed in his favour.
If the people giving the advice are those who receive a commission for making a sale and if they are the same people who know there will be no come-back if things go wrong and the house is prepossessed, then just how good is that advice?
Althusser, according to anecdote, was far too internally or locally prepossessed to be affected by any of this, asking when told of Thompson's diatribe, ".
These objections have been formed from perceived and prepossessed views.
that profession prepossessed with ideas of wrong which invents a notice of justice as its ideal?
A person inhabits this delimiting perspective according to a prepossessed disposition, which Hopkins early identifies as "a passion or prepossession or enthusiasm" (Journals, p.