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the object governed by a preposition

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However, in a crucial way, in case the object of the subordinate verb values Case against the verb itself (as in comprar verdura 'buy vegetables' in (18a) and ver la pelicula 'watch the film' in (19a), and not against a preposition, and the verb in the main clause selects for a PP (as in quejarse de 'complain (about)' in (18a) and prescindir de 'do without' in (19a), then the only possibility is for the corresponding wh-element in Spec, CP to appear as a prepositional object.
Since the relevant verbs select for a PP, then the wh-element figuring in the initial Spec, CP position appears as such prepositional object.
a) if they are introduced by a preposition and if they syntactically operate as prepositional objects of verbs or complements of adjectives (Vachek 1968: 103; DuUkova 1988: 575; Greenbaum 1996: 352, Janigova 2008: 91) (the abbreviations J1, J2, J3 and J4 stand for the four analysed texts of Appellate Judgments):
Recall also that, in agreement with Levin, we have assumed that directionality/location, far from being an inherent property of run-verbs, is only provided when directional/local prepositional objects co-occur with these verbs.
In this article, I focus mainly on extraposition constructions in which a prepositional object of an adjective follows the second pole.
A prepositional object of an adjective is a prepositional constituent that is selected by the adjective (for an overview, see Haeseryn et al.
The two variants: verb say +/- prepositional object.
If a language distinguishes between say with a prepositional object and say lacking a prepositional object such that one option is more frequent and the other option is less frequent, then it is say lacking a prepositional object that tends to be more frequent and it is say with a prepositional object that tends to be less frequent.
9% of the new topics in the journalistic texts are realized by direct or prepositional objects (in raw figures, 5 out of the 72 tokens identified):
1% if the complementary category is made up of subject-initial sentences showing a postverbal det(ta) as an object or a prepositional object (postvb.
The two syntactic variants: the pattern indirect object + direct object, and the pattern direct object + prepositional object.
The Afrikaans preposition vir, which derives from Dutch voor `for', has a couple of functions that distinguish it from its Dutch counterpart: besides marking beneficiaries and certain prepositional objects, more or less as in Dutch, vir can also mark recipients and animate direct objects, which is an "un-Dutch" feature of Afrikaans.
Of the two mechanisms generally available in Present-Day English relative clauses whenever a prepositional object is relativised, preposition-stranding is the only possibility in Old English infinitival relatives, pied-piping not being available until the fourteenth century.
To me at that time, the in and the for were prepositions followed by prepositional objects.
1) The early stages of acquisition considered here include few predicates that take governed or other prepositional objects.