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place before another constituent in the sentence

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Here, we have a preposed adverbial clause cuando le conoci ('when I met him') which has its own LDP yo (I), and so constitutes a sentence, which is subordinated to the matrix sentence.
78) Based upon these strictures, it is argued that when interrogative {h} and negative lo' occur in a "preposed finite clause," the two should be separated by the preposed noun clause, as noted in the following example:
However, if correct, the preponderance of suffixation must indicate that postposed elements are more likely to develop into grammatical affixes than preposed.
The rest of the book is essentially a categorization and explanation of orders which deviate from the basic VSO (primarily SVO and other types where a constituent is preposed to the verb).
A very well-known example of TETU is the gerundive construction in Yoruba, in which a preposed CV reduplicant takes its onset consonant from the following base, but invariably uses the vowel /i/ as its nucleus.
In the majority of reports, tags are preposed although intercalation (putting the reporting verb in a syntactically medial position) is not infrequent while post-posed tags and untagged reports are few and far between.
sacrifice to Shang Jia" (Heji 32352), or preposed as topic, as Shang Jia sui EP a "(to) Shang Jia sacrifice" (Heji 27056), and an associated sacrificial offering encoded as direct object, e.
First of all, the loss of the /n/ of yn ol, found in Middle Welsh before a first- or second-person preposed genitive pronoun (y'm hol 'after me', y'th ol 'after you'), spread analogically at least to the first person plural.
where ful continues to be preposed with respect to the noun modified.
or in preposed constructions (such as ashirin dai baabu, one expression for 'nineteen', lit.
While inversion is near-canonical when the subject is a noun, as in (7b), pronominal subjects occur on the left of the preposed Vf, as in (10):
What she does not note is that Dhivehi and Sinhala, doubtless as a result of isolation and Dravidian contact, are both thoroughly left-branching, perhaps more so than any other IA languages, as exemplified, for instance, by exclusively preposed relative structures ("participial subordinate clauses" in her terminology) with early loss of the IA correlative structure.
Apparently, the sentence with the "Jan is agent" interpretation blocks the sentence with the "Jan is preposed patient" interpretation (at least when both are pronounced with identical intonation).
It is next necessary to discard instances of complex pronominal phrases ("between me and you", "between him and his thanes", "between ourselves", and the like), because there 'between' is nearly always preposed whatever the word.
In this article, I will deal with sentences consisting of preposed locative phrases and postverbal determinerless subjects.