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Synonyms for preponderating

having superior power and influence

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Since the mothers who dwelt together were usually sisters, own or collateral, and of the same gens, and since their children were also of the gens of their mother, the preponderating number in the household would be of gentile kin.
The extent and activity of industry and commerce, the necessity of consulting the general good, the habit of frequent, easy, prompt, and regular intercourse between peoples, the invincible bias for free association, inquiry, discussion, and publicity,--these characteristic features of great modern society, already exercise, and will continue to exercise more and more, against he warlike or diplomatic fancies of foreign policy, a preponderating influence.
unable to present a preponderating amount of evidence to support a finding to justify a civil sanction against the respondent.
Perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated than in the observation by Nassau Senior that France's overweening ambition had led her to cling to "the barbarous doctrine of the middle ages, that a nation becomes great, not by the growth of its own population, the increase of its own capital, and the improvement of its agriculture and manufactures, but either by seizing the territory and incorporating the subjects of its neighbours, or by obtaining a preponderating influence over their councils" (p.
with P, on the left of the semi-colon, preponderating over N, whereas nouns are {N;P}, i.
In 1883 Galton declared that he had succeeded in `proving the vastly preponderating effects of nature over nurture'.