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having superior power and influence

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We suggested that the likeliest reason for this, apart from the experience of migration itself, was the combination of a formative culture of militancy with the political space offered the communists in areas in which the established Labour movement was not yet a preponderating presence.
The Garden of Eden and Geheinna differ from each other, and ve-dam, which is ha-Adam is preponderating between them and this decision is in accordance to the language.
By degrees, he took the estate into his management, acquiring necessarily a preponderating influence over such a man.
The choice of a certain social policy format, crystallized in the combination of distinct models for different worker segments, indicates the place that each occupies in a certain correlation of forces, as well as the internationally preponderating trends.
However, the distribution of seats continued to favor the rural elite and in addition, its proposal for enfranchising the Punjab soldier was accepted by the House of Commons, despite the opinion of the Joint Select Committee that 'this might mean that the soldiers in the Punjab would have a preponderating voice in elections'.
Since the mothers who dwelt together were usually sisters, own or collateral, and of the same gens, and since their children were also of the gens of their mother, the preponderating number in the household would be of gentile kin.
The extent and activity of industry and commerce, the necessity of consulting the general good, the habit of frequent, easy, prompt, and regular intercourse between peoples, the invincible bias for free association, inquiry, discussion, and publicity,--these characteristic features of great modern society, already exercise, and will continue to exercise more and more, against he warlike or diplomatic fancies of foreign policy, a preponderating influence.
Ashwin has argued that the New Zealand exchange rate was 'governed to a preponderating extent by Australian conditions'.
unable to present a preponderating amount of evidence to support a finding to justify a civil sanction against the respondent.