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prepare mentally or emotionally for something unpleasant

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An "income tax return preparer" is any person who prepares for compensation, or who employs one or more persons to prepare for compensation, all or a substantial portion of any return or refund claim; see Sec.
My VR counselor helped me prepare for employment in three ways.
One of the things he could have done was suggest work experience as a way to prepare for employment.
Another way the counselor could have helped me prepare for the work force was to help me find at least one person with a disability in the field to serve as a role model.
The primary purpose of these documents was not to prepare for litigation; the primary purpose was to decide whether or not to go through with a multi-million dollar transaction." The court applied a primary purpose test to the documents and held that the primary purpose behind the creation of the documents was not in relation to any anticipated litigation; therefore, the work-product doctrine did not apply.
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