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Although the Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that preparatory schools will not be closed down, the yETT has canceled the discount transit cards without any prior warning.
I am really excited by this new opportunity at King Henry VIII Preparatory School.
Llandovery Preparatory School will be the only preparatory school in Wales to teach up to Year 8 and the Warden is aware that the College is breaking new ground: "Our current organisation is an accident of history really: our Prep School was a later addition that was simply clipped on to the existing school that took pupils from age eleven, itself a starting point for secondary education that was introduced almost seventy years ago.
Front, captains Paige Wilkshire, right, and Lucy Hattersley, with other promising hockey and |netball players at Yarm Preparatory School
Linden Preparatory School started in 1952 in Station Road North, Forest Hall, until 2005/6 when Dame Allan's took it over and became Dame Allan's Junior School, now re-located to a new building near Fenham, Newcastle.
During World War II, however, the entire college population departed for the military, though the preparatory school population increased.
Students from government schools that are in the CPISP are enrolled in preparatory schools in the US or boarding schools in the UK to obtain either an American high school diploma or complete the British A Levels," she said.
In 1922 Crown East Court was sold and became a preparatory school in 1923.
Other winners in the preparatory schools division included Amna Bint Wahab Preparatory Independent School for Girls, which won first prize for the best research in the science category and humanities which they shared with Al Aqsa Preparatory Independent School for Girls.
A CITY preparatory school is to come under new ownership following investment from an independent group of education and business leaders.
Following investment from an independent group of education and business leaders, Aigburth-based The Hamlets preparatory school will part from its current owner, The Girls' Day School Trust, at the end of August.
KIRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq: A preparatory school student has been kidnapped by unknown gunmen in southern Kirkuk City, a source from the Joint Coordination Center said on Wednesday.
STAFF and pupils at Lightcliffe Preparatory School have welcomed a new headteacher.
Nicholas Jurado of Canyon High School will be attending Air Force Academy Preparatory School.
YES College Preparatory School, Houston; and Toledo School for the Arts, Toledo, Ohio.