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(theology) being determined in advance

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This report proposed a formational journey from preordination learning through initial ministerial education to continuing ministerial education within an understanding that the whole church and all who compose it are learning.
6) In an influential article on pretenders, Uspensldi interpreted the "royal marks" which they displayed as evidence of widespread Russian ideas concerning the divine preordination or predestination of the "true tsar"--a figure who need not necessarily be the reigning monarch.
A Welsh speaker and native of Pontypridd, he graduated in Classics and in Theology at King's College, London, and completed his preordination training at St Michael's College, Llandaff.
Petitjean similarly writes, "Despite her use of the supernatural and preordination to soften the basis for the mixed marriage of a strong female character to a member of another race and religion, Child anticipates feminism and the multicultural notion of society that America would slowly, but eventually, begin to accept" (146).
In The Mechanical Lions' legend is conceived as a tool of the implied prosecutor, who opposes the arguments of the protagonist,' free will to those of preordination In Dogs and Books' and 'A Tomb for Boris Davidovich' legend changes its role and the myth of cyclical time is invoked as an explanatory tool, connecting diverse historical persecutions into a single, determinist vision of history However, the narrator subverts this pessimistic myth as make-believe, a mere consequence of the transformative device which is used to enhance it.
In search of answers, Tolstoy simultaneously conducts a lengthy investigation of historiography and political history before culminating in an attempt to resolve man's free will with divine preordination.
The first concrete sign of her preordination was an NEA that took her to France, where, naturally, she blossomed.