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Callie's seventeenth birthday comes with a glimpse of her preordained future.
SO MUCH football appears to be preordained, it makes you wonder why they bother going to the time, trouble and expense of staging some games.
Everything from big incidents like having cancer or losing a close one in a traffic accident, to the food he eats or the clothes he wears are special events preordained in that person's destiny.
The editorial stated, "This front was not preordained.
Even before Mr Garcia's statement I was questioning how anybody could have confidence in a report which seemed to have a preordained outcome.
At a time of huge political, economic and security challenges, polls with preordained results are no way to inspire the public.
It is an indication of a desire by the United States for a preordained conclusion rather than a fair negotiation between the parties," the writers added.
It was entirely avoidable and was by no means a preordained outcome," he said.
Through Laura's eyes, a sincere desire cannot tolerate a "should" or a "must" in a preordained plan; rather, it is the spontaneity of living that enlightens those who seek the guidance of a higher power.
It is not preordained that demand has to rise to unsustainable levels, even if we provide everyone with sufficient energy," he said.
As good and bad happenings in life are preordained, Jamal moved directly towards the site of the blast and reached exactly on the venue at the time of explosion.
Marshalling lines of force and direction, yet deploying no preordained pattern, Caro's pieces seem to he organized according to an axial symmetry that has surrendered to the strucrural laws of intersection and relationship--an internal energy that in 1963 Michael Fried memorably dubbed "syntax.
Last time Mark McGhee visited the former Yugoslavia for a game the result was preordained in the murky world of match-fixing.
An internal report prepared for senior European Union officials finds that Israel's colony construction in occupied east Jerusalem is part of a determined and preordained strategy to prevent the city from becoming the capital of two separate states.
Iran faces a military showdown over nuclear weapons, the American president sends drones to assassinate people on his kill list, and unless something drastic happens between Election Day and December 31, a recession-battered United States will ring in the New Year by plunging off the "fiscal cliff"--a mix of preordained budget trims and widespread tax hikes that economists predict will send the economy into another nosedive.