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warning of future misfortune


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The premonitory phase involves symptoms that may occur hours to days prior to the headache.
When E2 prostaglandins are released, we have the aura, which is a classic premonitory manifestation of migraine and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photopsia, tachycardia, sweating, and intolerance to light.
Headache may be considered a symptom of pre-eclampsia, a diagnostic feature of pre-eclampsia with severe features, a premonitory symptom of eclampsia, and an indication for delivery.
In an open letter addressed to Ranil Wickremasinghe, Prime Minister with a premonitory headline, "Our Country is sure to face another disaster," and he went to say that "No one knows as to where the country is heading to, in the name of National Government.
Are there premonitory glimpses of Mailer's future prose in the cumbersome, tense-confused rhythms of his first major fictional outing?
AVERY unusual thing happens to me now and again, a kind of premonitory sense thing that at first seems like a false alarm but then turns out to be correct.
In brief, it is not clear who the monitors for the following issues are, until the double issue 12-13, located in this second period, when professor Juan Saez, to who we owe so much, emotional and tired, says goodbye, not without, in this same issue, talking about Pedro Carrasco, Professor in Mathematical Physics in Madrid Central University, who wrote a three installments "Social Pedagogy" in Madrid University Journal from 1930 to 1931, announcing something premonitory, that would be decisive afterwards: a new section in the magazine called Researches, besides the obituary of professor Constancio Minguez.
The author describes the premonitory rumbles of 2007: write-downs in the value of subprime mortgages, troubles in the market for auction-rate securities, difficulties in off-balance-sheet investment vehicles, the mounting losses at Bear Stearns.
Similarly dysfunctions of the hypothalamus and limbic system are also accused of the premonitory symptoms, such as nausea, depression, polydipsia, sexual excitement, nervousness, and hyperosmia, that precede migraine attacks (22,23).
Mass screening and media awareness is needed to educate patients to the significance of premonitory symptoms and to control this important cause of irreversible blindness.
By 2000, we were prepared to begin the first FDA safety and efficacy clinical trial, which was premonitory to a multicenter trial that eventuated in approval to use the da Vinci[TM] surgical robot for mitral valve repair surgery.
Sudden deaths in absence of premonitory signs, pyrexia (104-106F), anorexia, depression, respiratory distress while at rest, dyspnoea, slight frothing at mouth, occulonasal discharges etc.
Thus was set the background for Saul's acerbic, dreadfully painful, funny canvases, premonitory works acquired by a uniquely comprehending art dealer who held them dear for a lifetime.
BBCA) Kyle seeks further confirmation of his premonitory abilities when he insists on speaking to Aumea and learns the meaning of her tattoo.
What he claims in his chapter on Tambora-induced early-American crop failure serves as a frightening leitmotif of the whole book and of our precarious contemporary condition: "the old weather legends revive again to haunt us, this time as premonitory images of our own emerging climate dystopia" (200).