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warning of future misfortune


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But I did think it was mightily clever move that she was singing the premonitory words "Lift me up" just before she fell.
Home to Europe's biggest Muslim minority, France struggles to curb the flow of would-be jihadis to Syria and Iraq while being on high alert over the terrorist risk at home; Chesnot and Malbrunot's book looks to have a premonitory quality to it.
Levin blends her account of the rise and fall of Essex with a discussion of the dreams of Joan Notte, whose premonitory dreams about animals threatening the Queen and Sir Robert Cecil seem to reflect popular fears over the danger posed by Essex as well as, more broadly, "a sense that for Elizabethans in some sense their dream of Elizabeth as Gloriana is also ending" (162).
He finished with a premonitory sentence "there are still two crimes Syria did not commit yet, kill me, and invade Baabda".
Birds, bloody and premonitory, give way to more inviting and hopeful creatures, for example the "Ladybug";
Stiglitz is only one of the premonitory pundits expecting a crisis in Turkey.
Johnson was raised in Northern Sweden in the Sami culture, and he recorded many examples of his own premonitory dreams, of which at least one must be considered well-documented: the shooting down by the Russians of the DC-3 spy plane (see Parker & Morck, 2011).
Kafka's prophetic stories are both premonitory and consolatory in relation to aftermaths.
We are trying to develop an awareness of the premonitory urge.
Premonitory symptoms in migraine: an electronic diary study.
Evoking her light gray eyes and his light gray sweater, their favorite Italian songs, their sex, her premonitory nightmare, the baby's kicking, his occasional error in accenting the local dialect, Dalembert successfully elaborates the couple's inner harmony.
While symptoms of anxiety or depression are common in the premonitory stages of dementia, e.
The Gothic dream is an especially contested space in terms of allegory and affect; Gothic texts emphasize the inducement of horror, yet make extensive use of the premonitory dream, which is associated with symbolic dream interpretation.
In the exhibition "Cy Twombly, Blooming: A Scattering of Blossoms and Other Things," held at Gagosian in 2007, one easily found premonitory manifestations of the painter's autographic, oval ing broad brushwork vaguely spelling out not quite decipherable words.
The connection is that as in our case was premonitory that after 1990 Virgil to be punished by those who had sought the good.