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a tooth having two cusps or points


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Extraction of the upper fourth premolar is a major procedure.
Table 1: Comparison of the success rate of mandibular block anesthesia between study groups Tooth Time Control Chlordiazepoxide Oxazepam type (min) Second 5 (%4) 1 (a) (%32)8 (b) (%44)11 (b) premolar 15 (%32)8 (a) (%72)18 (b) (%80)20 (b) 30 (%52)13 (a) (%76)19 (a) (%80)20 (a) First 5 (%8)2 (a) (%64)16 (b) (%64)16 (b) molar 15 (%56)14 (a) (%88)22 (b) (%92)23 (b) 30 (%72)18 (a) (%88)22 (a) (%92)23 (a)
Examination confirmed the absence of the right upper molars and premolars as a result of the patient's previous surgery; the oral cavity was otherwise normal.
At the bell stage, the primary knot will disappear in consequence of apoptotic events regulated by Bmp4 apoptosis and secondary knots will form at each cusp of premolar and molar teeth [Thesleff and Jernvall, 1997].
This rabbit is separated easily from extant rabbits by the unique enamel pattern of the lower third premolar and extreme looping of enamel of the talonid of more posterior lower teeth (Russell and Harris, 1986).
3A canine or premolar tooth and part of the adjacent bone and A patch of skin is taken from the ligaments are removed of the cheek and placed in the eye two months, where it gradually 4A its own blood supply.
Maxillary canine/third premolar transposition in a prehistoric population from Santa Cruz Island, California.
After evaluating 360 morphological features, Seiffert decided that, although the adapiforms shared certain traits with anthropoids--the loss of a third upper and lower premolar, for example--those characteristics had arisen more than once among primates and were "most parsimoniously interpreted as evolutionary convergences" Ida was not a haplorhine anthropoid, in other words, but rather a strepsirrhine (a group including lemurs and lorises) that "left no known descendants.
The location of the center of lesion in the maxilla or mandible was classified as anterior (between the right and left canines), premolar, or molar regions.
Diastema present absent (toothless space) between lower canine and first lower premolar 8.
Conditions covered include early childhood caries, erosive dental wear, tongue piercing, and premolar autotransplantation.
After admission, he consulted with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at our university, due to complaint of toothache with swelling of right mandibular gingiva and loosing his premolar teeth.
During the check-in process, a small premolar tooth will be removed and other measurements will be taken.
3 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 Second premolar stage H in males at [DP.