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a tooth having two cusps or points


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The Thylacoleonidae family of marsupial were categorized by their highly distinct large, blade-like, flesh-cutting premolars which were used to tear up prey.
It is important to point out that in most cases at the left side, the emergence of MC in the mental foramen was located between the first molar and second premolar.
These complications occur most commonly during extraction of upper molar and premolar teeth.
4-mm diameter and 7-mm lenght, were installed between the roots of the second premolars and the first molars, bilaterally.
Due to the distance from the point of application of load, internal stresses in the structure are gradually reduced and virtually unreported in the implant region of the first premolar.
Therefore, it was decided to perform camouflage treatment, which consisted of the extraction of one lower incisor and mesialization of the lower right canine and premolar to the extraction space.
Results: Position IV, which passed the second premolar teeth (39%) on the right side was the mostly detected position and position I was not observed in our study.
All the interproximal contact points should be open and visible on the premolar and/or the molar bitewing.
Bu makalenin amaci 11 yasinda erkek cocukta mandibular kanin ve premolar disleri etkileyen dentigeroz kist olgusunu bildirmektir.
For anchorage purpose a soldered lingual arch was given from first molar of one side to the other and bucally 17x 25 sectional stainless steel wire was placed between second premolar and first molar (35, 36).
The position of mental foramen is important during mental incisive anaesthetic block techniques and surgeries in the outer premolar mandibular region.
Medesy/Hu Friedy Mandibular premolar Extraction forceps
Sarwar (1971) reported an isolated premolar of Rhinoceros kendengindicus from the Pinjor Zone of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
The mean premolar fracture resistance values tested with crosshead speeds of 0.
Despues de realizar el enmallado los dientes incisivo anterior, premolar y molar (figura 2), proceso por medio del cual se asignan los limites y movimientos en los tres ejes, se definieron los bordes del modelo y se aplicaron respectivamente fuerzas en el eje longitudinal de los dientes sobre el punto B.