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Synonyms for premise

Synonyms for premise

something taken to be true without proof

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for premise

a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn

set forth beforehand, often as an explanation

furnish with a preface or introduction

take something as preexisting and given


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Ordinarily, officers cannot enter premises without a warrant unless they have consent or there is an emergency.
The availability of our professional, standards-based automation software reiterates Premise Systems commitment to innovating the new generation of device networking software products.
The final component is the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), which connects the user's information appliance--a telephone, computer, set-top box, etc.
With natural language searching, PREMISE users are able to enter their search requests in plain English, as well as using fill-in-the-blank fields and traditional Boolean queries.
To appraise the hypothetical hotel property under any other premise would unfairly disadvantage the property owner economically and benefit the taker because the taker could restore the hotel to operation and profit from it without having paid the appropriate amount for it.
There were half a dozen people inside the premises and there was a strong smell of cannabis and evidence of drug use.
The police had held meetings with the premises licence holder to address problems at the premises.
However, events or activities conducted by the insured that have no necessary or incidental relationship to the designated premises is another matter, even if related to business operations.
C) Any premises used by you in connection with a premises in 4a and 4b above;
This creates a major financial incentive for the individuals controlling the tenant to act as "good guys," and vacate the premises in the event of a default.
After wages, your premises are likely to be the second largest cost to your business.
The Licensing Act establishes a single scheme for licensing premises are used for the supply of alcohol, to provide regulated entertainment or to provide late night refreshment.
The lease must include language that provides that such personal property is and will remain the property of the tenant, and may be removed from the premises by the tenant or its lender.
If we are aiming at a science molded in the crucible of Islam, we need to approach science as a theoretical construct with four components: a body of knowledge, basic premises, methods of study and goals, all of which must be fully informed by the domain of iman and understood at the level of ihsan.
A nationwide survey of jury cases found that plaintiffs won cases more frequently than the defense in 2000, and the median compensatory awards have risen steadily since 1994 in premises liability, product liability and medical malpractice cases.