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Synonyms for premise

Synonyms for premise

something taken to be true without proof

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for premise

a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn

set forth beforehand, often as an explanation

furnish with a preface or introduction

take something as preexisting and given


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If you are investing without a time frame, you do not have an investment premise. Many investors have only a vague understanding of their time horizon for an investment.
Charles Derk, Design and Development Engineer at Lutron, one of the largest and most respected lighting system manufacturers in the world, also thinks Premise has the right answer: "Lutron has always been at the forefront of technology delivering value to our customers.
Ordinarily, if the power fails at the customer premises, the IAD or MTA ceases to function and is no longer able to process the incoming Voice over Broadband packetized voice.
I THINK THE FIRST THING to do is let people know about the starting premise that celibacy is not essential to the priesthood.
PREMISE Research Software 3.0 will also include electronic notation features that make PREMISE Research an effective work-in-process tool.
In a deprivation appraisal, applying a premise of value that was not appropriate before the deprivation does not achieve a fair or compensatory value.
A subsisting licence as defined in Schedule 2 of the said Order for the premises situate at Glassdrummond, Ballsmill, Crossmaglen, Co.
The pub's premises licence is held by Ian Mcallister and the designated premises supervisor is David Jai Jones.
Earlier, petitioner's counsel, arguing before the court,submitted that an LHC bench ordered the LDA to decide the SAFMA application for permission to use its premises as a school for the media while disposing of a petition, filed by a neighbor against commercial use of a Shadman residential area
"There were half a dozen people inside the premises and there was a strong smell of cannabis and evidence of drug use.
* Entry will not be permitted to the premises after 2am unless the person is a member of the Arena and produces a valid photographic identification membership card which had been issued at least 24 hours before entry to the premises.
The latest editions of the ISO commercial property causes of loss forms contain utility services exclusions that preclude coverage for power or other utility failure that is supplied to the premises. The exclusions apply if the failure occurs away from the described premises or originates at the described premises but involves equipment used to supply the utility service to the premises from a source away from the described premises.
UK telecom company British Telecommunications plc (BT) announced on Wednesday that it plans to significantly extend the availability of advanced copper broadband speeds to approximately 90% of UK premises during Spring 2013.