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Synonyms for premeditation

Synonyms for premeditation

planning or plotting in advance of acting

(law) thought and intention to commit a crime well in advance of the crime

References in classic literature ?
She said, "I had forgotten myself." I took her hand and was raising it naturally, without premeditation, when I felt suddenly the arm to which it belonged become insensible, passive, like a stuffed limb, and the whole woman go inanimate all over!
Another aspect of reasoning that premeditation may reach is the question of why the actor is killing another person.
Jailing him for 12 weeks, chairman Andrew Pritchard said: "This was a mean sneak theft with a certain amount of premeditation."
Defending, Neil Cheesbrough told the court: "The offence does not have any premeditation. He stood in what was an ever-lengthening queue and didn't have the patience to wait.
The judge noted there was a "degree of premeditation" about the crime - and that Conner had "bragged" about what he had done.
He told her: "Frankly, it's difficult for anyone to understand how any human being could have even contemplated what you did, let alone with the regularity and premeditation you employed."
The most simple and rudimentary tasks of independence, such as going to the bathroom, brushing one's teeth, or turning on the computer, can no longer be done without considerable premeditation so as not to incite the overzealous curiosity of a toddler teeming with energy.
Because beauty can't be described, there's almost nothing I can say about a face like Ekberg's, except to note that it is unusually wide; that she seems absolutely in command of the inevitable effect her heightened beauty will have on any sane beholder; and that she seems to have adopted an attitude of patience toward a world that will need a long time to absorb all the meanings and shades she puts forth without apparent premeditation or artifice, although the very fact that her face is on display for us, and that she made a career out of such displays, signals the knowledgeable decisiveness of her self-presentation.
"One of the key ways of proving premeditation was demonstrating that a woman told no one about the pregnancy, that she made no preparations for the arrival of the baby, and that she had no plans for childbirth assistance and had prepared no layette" (211).
In a May 29 resolution, a copy of which was released to the media by Aguirre's office on Thursday, Orceo said the DOJ 'cannot speculate or even assume that there was evident premeditation as nothing in the records could prove the same.'
"This can be dangerous in case of premeditation," he pointed out, adding that "the error can be solved if it is not intentional".
Le tribunal criminel pres la cour de Tipasa a prononce, hier, la peine capitale contre Meliani Hamza, auteur du kidnapping, viol et de l'homicide volontaire avec guet-apens et premeditation sur la petite Chaima Youcefi, dans la region de Mahelma (Alger), en decembre 2012.
THE attack that killed Yasar Abbas was chilling in its cold-blooded premeditation and sickening in its violence.
In mitigation yesterday, Osman's legal team claimed there was no premeditation when his client stabbed the soldier, and asked the court for leniency.