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Synonyms for delivery

Synonyms for delivery

the act of delivering or the condition of being delivered

extrication from danger or confinement

Synonyms for delivery

the event of giving birth

the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

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For example, chorioamnionitis--an inflammation of the fetal membranes due to a bacterial infection--confers a significant risk for preterm labor and premature delivery and also increases the risk of multiple adverse outcomes for premature newborns (Pappas et al.
Apuzzio, an expert in the areas of high-risk pregnancy, infectious disease, and prenatal diagnosis, to address the importance of proactively treating known conditions that can lead to premature delivery.
Previous studies pointed out that stressed expectant mothers are at double risk of stillbirth and premature delivery.
The program establishes a 24-hour hotline for women at risk of a premature delivery - such as those who have had one before - that will advise them on how to take care of themselves during their pregnancy.
HOME AND AWAY (FIVE) Bianca''s loved ones - and Heath - are given cause for concern when she's rushed into hospital and Sid suggests a premature delivery might be required.
A Sri Lankan housemaid, who faced problems in paying medical bills following the premature delivery of her baby, left the hospital on Tuesday, Sri Lankan Embassy sources said.
Prithvi was born of premature delivery and survived for two days only.
Length of the cervix and risk of spontaneous premature delivery.
Internists should become aware of the event surrounding the FDA approval of Makena, a commercial preparation of 17-hydroxyprogesterone, an injectable agent to reduce premature delivery in at-risk mothers to be.
Dr Parvez Haris, head of the biomedical and environmental health group at De Montfort University in Leicester, said lead can also result in premature delivery, stillbirth and miscarriage.
Twin and triplet pregnancies are linked to a higher chance of premature delivery, low birth weight and miscarriage.
Doctors found she was already in labour and there was nothing they could do to delay a premature delivery.
This new test will reliably identify which women need admission to hospital and treatment to try to prevent premature delivery and steroids to prevent breathing difficulties in the baby.
However, it is gaining more attention as more research shows that untreated BV can lead to significant health complications, including premature delivery, postpartum infections, clinically apparent and subclinical pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), postsurgical complications (after abortion, hysterectomy, cesarean section and other reproductive procedures), increased vulnerability to HIV infection and, possibly, infertility.
Investigated whether psychobiosocial intervention could be a useful adjunct to medical management of 44 women threatening premature delivery (20-34 wks gestation).