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relating to events before a marriage

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In 1993, the premarital counselling (PMC) service was extended to include all health centres and in 2004 the government made this mandatory and free, which helped in achieving the reduction in the numbers.
adult population -- are significantly more accepting of abortion, premarital sexual relations, and gay and lesbian relations than the other groups.
An attorney's obligation includes describing a premarital agreement to those considering a union and outlining what the law provides in the absence of that type of agreement when considering ending a union.
The bill suggests that no marriage shall be solemnized under the Muslim Law unless the prospective partners have undergone premarital blood screening tests and produce a medical certificate from an authorized medical officer or hospital as nominated from time to time in consultation with the concerned family court.
Critique: An invaluable and Christian principles based instructional, "Tying the Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong and Lasting Marriage" is impressively well written and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in tone, content, organization, and presentation.
According to the World Health Organization (2006), methods of preventing genetic diseases include premarital screening and genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis, preconception diagnosis and implantation of normal embryos after in vitro fertilization, and in utero therapy using stem cell transplantation.
Dr Ali Anees Hanoosh, GP and Family Physician at Azhar Polyclinic, called on couples to undergo premarital tests, particularly when cases of genetic disorders are known within either of the families.
According to POPCOM, 1 out of three youths aged 15-24 now engage in premarital sex.
Earlier, Dr Salam Al Kindi, head of the haematology department at Sultan Qaboos University, stressed the importance of awareness campaigns and education about blood disorders in Oman as well as having early premarital tests.
JEDDAH: Zuhair Rahbeeni, a consultant at the Pediatric and Clinical Genetics Department of Medical Genetics at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, said that the criteria used for premarital health examinations fall short of proper standards.
Despite the recognition that such social and communication changes make the interchange of information including those with sexual content easier and faster among people, facilitate interpersonal communication and relationships and in fact provide greater opportunity for premarital liaisons and sex, there is still no comprehensive policy and program that target unmarried youth to address values, abstinence as well as safe sex in this country.
MANILA -- Pregnancy out of wedlock is not a ground for the dismissal of an employee, the Supreme Court said as it reversed the Court of Appeals decision that affirmed the dismissal of an employee of a private school on the grounds of premarital sexual relations and pregnancy outside of marriage.
The singer, 22, famously vowed not to have premarital sex when with the Jonas Brothers.
His Eminence Sheikh al-Khalili presented a paper on Sharia Aspects of Premarital Test.
The deep- seated orthodoxy evident in this response also seemed to be the determining factor for the respondents' attitude to premarital sex.