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relating to events before a marriage

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Health officials stressed Omanis should undergo premarital tests, which would lead to a sharp dip in blood related genetic disorders as inter-tribal marriage is very common in society.
In fact, in contrary to huge social pressure on young people for premarital sex, no formal education has been designed for them.
Brickman, who offers his own premarital education course, went on to say, "By taking my premarital education course what they're doing in about two hours is that we're going through the actual mediation agreement which deals with how they would divide up their assets, debt, marital home and child-related financial issues in the case of a divorce.
Earlier, a lower court, using Shariah law, had sentenced the teenager to receive 100 lashes for having had premarital sex, which is illegal in the Maldives.
The instances of premarital teenage pregnancy are higher in develop countries rather than developing countries.
She was jailed for drinking alcohol and having premarital sex, both crimes in the UAE.
Under the existing law, it is compulsory to get a certificate from the Health Ministry that states a couple have undergone premarital check-ups.
Al-Maqtari said it should be obligatory for people to receive premarital testing in Yemen to protect the coming generations from having health problems.
The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of hemoglobinopathy trait evaluating premarital screening results of Hatay region.
The result was the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (the UPAA), which was promulgated in 1983.
Most notably, adolescents had a lower rate of risky sexual behaviors (this includes all sexual activity that could pose a risk to the teenager or their partner to become pregnant and/or transmit an STD) when they understood that their maternal guardian disapproved of premarital sex (Dittus, Jaccard, & Gordon, 1999).
The maid is charged with infanticide, while both she and her lover are charged with having illicit, premarital sex.
Specifically, they found that females are more committed to abstinence and less likely to approve of premarital sex than are males.
Marrying well; the clinician's guide to premarital education.
The cutting edge had to do with how much premarital money can be untangled from a retirement or investment account that has been funded, in part, by monies earned during a marriage.