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Synonyms for preliterate

not yet having acquired the ability to read and write

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used of a society that has not developed writing

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Accordingly, board books spotlighted subjects that were presumed to be appealing to preliterate children.
The Northwestern study, which directly measured the brain's response to sound using electroencephelography (EEG), is one of the first to find the deleterious effect in preliterate children.
Both preliterate and postliterate rituals are highly involving, and what involves, surrounds.
While insisting that memory in modern cultures operates differently from the ways it did in ancient, largely preliterate, societies, D.
Originally intended to describe a preliterate cultural group or time period, the meaning of being prehistoric has gradually devolved into a loaded word that carries negative connotations.
This engaging book helps preschoolers exercise their fine motor and visual skills by puzzle piece manipulation, providing a satisfying learning activity for the preliterate child.
More specifically, Schippers addresses the issue of notation and preliterate, which "reveals a more subtle form of prejudice.
Steinberg (2009: 277) adds her voice when she argues that electronic media have provided communication that involve "various senses and as a result, communication in the global village resembles communication in preliterate societies" whereby message production and consumption processes are no longer linear.
Preliterate societies, with the possible exception of
Ong's notion of "secondary orality," which posits that new media reintroduces elements of oral culture similar to those found in traditional, preliterate societies.
One reason may be that assessing vocabulary for preliterate children and children with limited reading skills is difficult.
Arising out of a conference on contextual theology held in Sydney, Australia, this book discuss general issues, such as the nature and place of contextual theology and the church's mission, as well as particular topics, such as theological education, theology influenced by preliterate culture, problems faced by aboriginal peoples in Australia and Oceania, and Latin American liberation theology.
Developed by AAC professionals for preliterate users, it promises to bridge the gap between consumer electronics and dedicated assistive technology.
It was developed by AAC professionals for preliterate users.
Folk literature includes fairy tales, myths, legends, fables and other oral traditions of preliterate societies.