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an examination taken by graduate students to determine their fitness to continue

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At the heart of the matter is the change of pattern the UPSC introduced in the Civil Services Preliminary Exam starting 2011.
After fog grounded him on February 1, Calum had to rush back to his school, Stonelaw High in Rutherglen, near Glasgow, to sit his physics preliminary exam.
Zhu's lawyer said he anticipates the couple will face federal charges in Boston after an arraignment hearing there July 17, and that the ''preliminary exam,'' used to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to indict a suspect, will be waived.
The panel said universities could treat the results of the state-run preliminary exam as a kind of certificate in order not to make the system unfair to applicants because of the varying difficulty of each year's exam.
Preliminary exam pass rate statistics indicate that the exam is fairly challenging, as evidenced by the fact that only 43% of the first group of candidates passed the exam.
New Delhi, India, January 17, 2018 --( Aspirants aiming for UPSC 2018 are all set to appear for the very first stage of the Civil Services Exam, i.e., Preliminary exam. In order to give an edge to their preparation for the Civil Services Preliminary exam, scheduled for June 3rd, 2018, Chanakya IAS Academy announces an exclusive workshop scheduled to be held on January 18th, 2018 at Chanakya IAS Academy, North Delhi Centre, (1596, Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp).
"I passed three exams before graduating high school, and I passed my last preliminary exam during the winter of my freshman year" at Drake.
It is only after having succeeded that I realised making a mistake of devoting too much time preparing for the preliminary exam rather than the main one.
My son is an above-average student, but because of exam phobia he scored poorly in the maths preliminary exam held over two months prior to when the CBSE Class X results were declared.
The Preliminary Exam was held in February while the mains exam were conducted from 25th to 18th July.
Aspirants through this Short term program for Civil Services preliminary exam will also get to assess their preparation with Prelims Test Series (30 GS and 10 CSAT) and special doubt sessions with subject matter experts.
UPSC civil services preliminary exam is scheduled to be held all over the country on August 24.
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