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prelates collectively


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the office or station of a prelate

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On Saturday, Aram I will bless and consecrate a cross that will be hoisted to the top of a prayer room at the future prelacy headquarters, 6252 Honolulu Ave.
Since, however, humans are not all equal in natural gifts, there could have been a prelacy ordered to directing--a mode of prelacy ad regimen ordinatus.
On 27 November President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan visited Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic
Specifically, the Mail contacted the Armenian Prelacy of Cyprus, and the Latin Catholic Church in Nicosia and Limassol.
Committee secretary general and Maronite Patriarchate representative Hareth Chehab; Dar al-Fatwa representative Mohammad al-Sammak; Higher Shiite Council representative Ali al-Hassan; the chancellor of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon, Jean Salmanian; Greek Orthodox Patriarchate representative Michel Abs; and Greek Catholic Patriarchate representative Camille Menassa.
79) Ian Atherton and David Como, "The Burning of Edward Wightman: Puritanism, Prelacy and the Politics of Heresy in Early Modern England," English Historical Review 120:489 (December 2005): 1221-23.
Officials from the Armenian Educational Foundation in Glendale, the Los Angeles office of the Armenian Relief Society and the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Los Angeles also received checks.
Already in 1660 Thomas Tillam called the "revived Prelacy and English Service-Book .
While the Scottish Episcopal Church has long since abandoned the prelacy that was a feature of earlier periods of history, folk memory ensures an attitude among many Protestant Christians in Scotland that to be Scottish is to be against bishops.
These two sects also fed on popular attachment to the militant Presbyterian programme set out in the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643, which called for the extirpation of popery and prelacy, and the extension of the Presbyterian revolution throughout the three kingdoms.
William Prynne, for instance, can be found reevaluating the deaths of Cranmer and Ridley, whom (like Dowsing) he had previously seen as symbolic allies in his campaigns against Laudian prelacy.
The prelacy of Cristlandia, north of Brasilia in the southern part of the Amazon basin, is headed by Benedictine Bishop Herbert Hermes, a Kansas monk from the abbey in Atchison.
But he had first-hand experience of ecclesiastical worldliness and mediocrity as well, and he gave vent to his disillusionment with privilege and prelacy by furiously commending the ascetical and mystical life, of which he also had first-hand experience.
Again, the experience with lordly prelacy had made the Long Parliament particularly sensitive to this issue; such prelacy could be seen as disruptive of the social order inasmuch as it raised men of humble origins to equality with the secular nobility.