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prelates collectively


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the office or station of a prelate

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How do episcopal conferences and universal synods exercise authentic magisterial authority, thereby keeping the primacy and prelacy in proper collegial balance?
LA CRESCENTA - Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian looks forward to the day next spring when the La Crescenta church headquarters for the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America opens to welcome the community.
Because they fear to lose their position or their temporal goods, or their prelacy, they do not correct those under them, but act like blind ones, in that they see not the real way by which their position is to be kept.
who own, acknowledge, and subject themselves to the Ecclesiastical headship of the Roman Hierarchy, Pope, and Papal Prelacy, Episcopacy, or Presbytery.
Attacking a prelacy ignorant of Hebrew, for example, Milton, in another tract, describes the prelates' lips as "uncircumcised" In his splendid analysis of the phrase, Shoulson argues that Milton here implies that "the English people are partly accountable for the success of these prelates with uncircumcised lips.
The puritans examined by Gribben are defined more traditionally as those who sought reform within the established church; all of them, however, from James Ussher to George Gillespie to John Milton, departed in some way or another from accepted puritan tenets, such as opposition to prelacy or an affiliation with Calvinism.
These satires were commissioned by an anxious prelacy in response to the Puritan-authored "Martin Marprelate" tracts, anonymous pamphlets that had begun appearing on the London streets in 1589.
Arguably political nationalism, whether in its separatist or devolutionist forms, has filled a void created by ecumenism, which makes it unseemly to speak roughly of prelacy or popery, and by religious indifference.
The conclusion from this first employment of Aristotle is that there would have been no dominative superiority--no prelacy ordered ad dominandum--in the state of innocence.
About the National Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial The National Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial (NCAGC) began with the united efforts of the Diocese and Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Churches of America, East and West coasts.
Specifically, the Mail contacted the Armenian Prelacy of Cyprus, and the Latin Catholic Church in Nicosia and Limassol.
Committee secretary general and Maronite Patriarchate representative Hareth Chehab; Dar al-Fatwa representative Mohammad al-Sammak; Higher Shiite Council representative Ali al-Hassan; the chancellor of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon, Jean Salmanian; Greek Orthodox Patriarchate representative Michel Abs; and Greek Catholic Patriarchate representative Camille Menassa.
79) Ian Atherton and David Como, "The Burning of Edward Wightman: Puritanism, Prelacy and the Politics of Heresy in Early Modern England," English Historical Review 120:489 (December 2005): 1221-23.
Officials from the Armenian Educational Foundation in Glendale, the Los Angeles office of the Armenian Relief Society and the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Los Angeles also received checks.
Already in 1660 Thomas Tillam called the "revived Prelacy and English Service-Book .