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judge beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence

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Schedule of Events: Friday November 20 1pm - Prejudging Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Women's Bikini Saturday November 21 8am - Prejudging Women's Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Women's Figure Saturday November 21 5pm - All Finals
The United States opposes all unilateral actions, including West Bank settlement activity and housing construction in East Jerusalem, as they complicate efforts to resume direct, bilateral negotiations, and risk prejudging the outcome of those negotiations," Toner said in a statement.
Smith said everyone was entitled to debate the terms of an economic rescue plan, but Merkley had gone too far in prejudging the plan and Smith's position on it.
This volume primarily addresses globalization as a force for change--without prejudging the extent of the force or, certainly, its quality.
The Prime Minister's official spokesman warned against prejudging the Gleneagles gathering on the basis of the talks.
I was of course prejudging, without enough information to make a real decision.
agree to negotiations, without prejudging their outcome, on the reduction or, as appropriate, elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to environmental goods and services.
Rodu also questions the received wisdom about the hazards of environmental tobacco smoke, noting that the evidence is open to question and that the Environmental Protection Agency has been criticized for prejudging the issue.
Today, Germany's mainstream parties are carrying on a so-called "debate" about asylum, prejudging the question by the way they frame it: are German immigration laws too liberal?
ENDESA trusts that public opinion and markets will be aware that the filing of proceedings bears no presumption of guilt, rather it is an administrative action to probe the existence of possible responsibilities or otherwise, not prejudging any infringement on the part of ENDESA or its officers.
LABOUR has warned against prejudging the election result as it said many voters remain undecided.
The Tory politician is accused of prejudging the outcome of a police investigation into his close friend and colleague Damian Green MP.