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Synonyms for prejudgement

a judgment reached before the evidence is available

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The prejudgement effectively freezes the assets of TPSA Finance and is one of several initiatives taken by DPTG to collect the DKK2.
404 and 419, successful plaintiffs obtain prejudgement interest of 5%.
MAS Capital is seeking $1,575,000 in damages, plus costs, prejudgement interest and post-judgment interest.
The settlement requires the firm to return USD10,082,725 that it earned from insider trading schemes, USD1,348,824 as prejudgement interest, and a penalty of USD10,082,725.
A Welsh Assembly Government spokesman said: 'When exercising decisions of this kind, ministers are under a public law duty to consider all the relevant information, taking a view on the merits of the proposal without prejudgement.
However, the Court also held that the Trustee was entitled to recover $30m paid by Consolidated, plus prejudgement interest, for a total of approximately $43m.
is liable for a disgorgement of $70,000, representing profits gained as a result of the conduct alleged in the complaint, together with a prejudgement interest of $719,02, for a total of $70,719,02.
I try not to take too much notice of who the referee is because you try to be fair to everyone and not make a prejudgement.
The review was dressed up as an objective review without prejudice, as an objective review without prejudgement, but was in fact a charade,' he told the court.
If Rio is guilty then so be it but the prejudgement on him for the past few weeks stinks with the biggest smell coming from the the FIFA camp.
0 million (which includes estimated prejudgement interest), in lieu of the approximately $69.
In post-trial proceedings, the Court will decide the remaining issues of scope of injunctive relief, the prejudgement interest to be applied to the final damage award, and the consequences of the jury's finding that infringement was willful.
He agreed to the entry of an injunction against him prohibiting future violations of the federal securities laws and further agreed to the payment of a civil penalty of $50,000 and a payment in the nature of restitution to the Company of $248,000 (which includes $44,000 of prejudgement interest).
Very preliminary estimates for total damages up to March 4, 1994, including prejudgement interest, are approximately $60 to $66 million.