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a judgment reached before the evidence is available

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The Death of Donna Whalen is a story about the very human complexities that influence how justice unfolds, and Winter's documentary approach allows for its unfolding without prejudgement, forcing us to assess the evidence and adjudicate the conflicting, even self-contradictory, voices as we go.
Polish company DPTG (Danish Polish Telecommunications Group I/S) has launched enforcement proceedings against Polish operator Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TPSA) in the Netherlands and obtained a prejudgement attachment on TPSA's shares in its subsidiary TPSA Finance BV, the major shareholder of DPTG said today.
DPTG today announced it has begun enforcement proceedings against TPSA in the Netherlands and obtained a prejudgement attachment on TPSA's shares in its subsidiary TPSA Finance.
It will be a prejudgement to say anything at the moment about the outcome of the meetings (with the Pakistani military leadership), however, we exchanged security necessities of both countries," he said.
Cohen's one-sided rhetoric contains a strong element of prejudgement, of a kind that will be obvious to anyone who has ever worked in sales or run his or her own business.
If the motive behind Obama's statement was to state a prejudgement on the joint history comittee foreseen to be formed by Turkey and Armenia, Turkish Foreign Ministry have announced on April 25 that Turkey would not accept this, and explained it in detail to the U.
Or is that itself merely meeting prejudgement with more prejudgement?
For literature supporting that assumption, see Edmond Costantini & Joel King, The Partial Juror: Correlates and Causes of Prejudgement, 15 LAW & SOC'Y REV.
This article reflects the versatility of Classics as a discipline and is a good example of what Classics and post-colonial studies can contribute to each other when ideological prejudgement (on either side) is kept in check.
Palestinians denounced the President's "legitimization" of settlements and prejudgement of final status.
When the media get into a "frenzy mode," prejudice and prejudgement are the frequent results, he said.
It is based on unavoidable prejudgement and is, hence, always "biased.
404 and 419, successful plaintiffs obtain prejudgement interest of 5%.
If we return now to the scene of this incident, it is evident that the preference or judgement expressed in the portrait of the two chiefs acquires the force of prejudgement when Levi-Strauss as narrator comes to reflect on the significance of the episode, so much so that A1's 'political' appropriation of writing simply confirms what the ethnographer had already suspected.