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judge beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence

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The commission, however, said in a written order that it hadn't prejudged the case and would decide the matter "in an impartial and fair manner.
I'd prefer the entire matter be heard before it's prejudged what the court intends to do,'' Holliday said.
Peter Bauer questioned whether the word "aid" was appropriate, saying it prejudged its value; he maintained it is more accurate to call the transactions "gifts or doles.
Mr Howard said Mr Blair had prejudged the Budd Report by saying he expected it to exonerate Mr Blunkett.
We immediately issued a statement urging him to recuse himself from any participation in that case should it arrive on his desk, and in fact noted that he seemed to have prejudged all religion cases and should opt out of all future controversies.
The issue is already prejudged by both sides," said Rev.
The FA have prejudged that Rio Ferdinand would be guilty as charged before we've even started a meeting.
Many times full information about a camper's medical condition is not given, possibly because parents are trying to normalize their child for fear that they will be prejudged and not given a fair chance in a cabin.
The first section reviews diverse contemporary and modern critical views of Marot's poetry in general and the pseaumes in particular, offering an explanation of why Marot remains prejudged as a largely unknown poet.
Liberation comes through the articulation of visual and verbal forms of language: the austere aesthetic of Minimalism and Conceptual art are combined with the rigorous analytic method of Kant, applied with a passion bordering on sensuality, to form an interrogation of the systems and coordinates by which, first, the work of art is prejudged, and second, the subject is mapped as the object of an other's consciousness.
Among the other actionable events alleged in the McGhan suit were public statements issued by Kessler indicating he had unlawfully prejudged the issue of implant safety; unprecedented limitations on manufacturers' ability to provide relevant information to the advisory panel; the use of unlawful procedures by Kessler in overturning the panel's recommendation to leave the implants on the market; and leaks of confidential and privileged information by the FDA.
NEC argued before the Court of International Trade, and again on appeal to the CAFC, that Commerce had effectively prejudged Cray's antidumping allegations, and thereby denied NEC the fair and objective hearing to which it was entitled under the Due Process Clause of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.