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judge beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence

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I often prejudge an action movie as being very predictable and unchallenging.
In a televised press conference, Guingona said it was never his intention to prejudge the guilt or innocence of any of his peers allegedly involved in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) probe.
On the issue of his culpability or innocence I really don't want to prejudge NIA's verdict but if the NIA also reaches the conclusion that he is innocent then we ( J& K government) will lodge a formal complaint ( against the Delhi Police)," Abdullah said.
This "does not prejudge the conclusions of the investigations," the Commission notes.
SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: "I think it's important we don't prejudge anything and hear what Hearts have to say.
But I don't want to prejudge any individual claim and I think we will study this and decide how attenuated claims can be that will be eligible or ineligible for compensation under this independent facility," he stated.
The opening of the procedure means that there is enough grounds for an investigation, but does not prejudge its final result," the Commission said in a statement.
At this crucial juncture, Israel should refrain from taking steps, which have the potential to prejudge negotiations and create tensions," he said, citing the expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and eviction of Palestinians from the area.
This work is being undertaken during July and it is therefore too early to prejudge the outcome.
In this context, the European Union also calls on Israel to refrain from all unilateral measures that may prejudge the result of the final status negotiations, particularly in Jerusalem.
Merkley has decided to prejudge the outcome and say I am for a $1 trillion bailout for Wall Street.
What gives these insurers the right to prejudge a driver, whether they are young or old, before they even set foot in their vehicle.
As always in such cases, the Commission explained that its inspections do not prejudge the outcome of the investigation itself.
But he emphasised: "The opening of the inquiry does not prejudge the outcome of the procedure.