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belonging to or existing in times before recorded history


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The thesis that prehistorical goddess cultures were overthrown stems from archaeologist Marija Gimbutas whose first major work was The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 BC, Myths and Cult (1974).
The roots of this tradition are prehistorical, so old as to either antedate or co-appear with the codification of the creation mythos.
3) the process of maintaining race typology and the language accompanied by a change of culture--by an "effect of imitation" and without mixing blood--(such cases are much more numerous than the first two): Europe's history from the prehistorical periods onwards can be seen as an example in this sense.
rule by brute force, into perpetual tribal warfare of prehistorical savages.
This edition also has new material in the chapter on South Africa in prehistorical times, the final years of white domination, and the Mandela years, and it has an updated timeline, new biographical sketches of key individuals, and recent print and electronic resources.
62) The sophisticated interpretive theories cognitivists have developed to account for the prehistorical origins of mind reading are blessings in themselves (sophisticated interpretive theories are what Shakespeareans thrive on); but the basic idea designated by "Theory of Mind," that we are endowed by the evolution of our neural architecture with the capacity (and the existential need) to infer intention, seems to have been regarded as pretty much self-evident since well before the phrase (let alone the acronym "ToM") appeared on the scene.
Rather, it has institutionalized it according to its own structure, just as agricultural society did, but with this exception: Industrialism, by breaking through the Malthusian cycle that governed human history from the prehistorical era of the hunter-gatherers to about 1800, has produced and supported more people and so, in absolute numbers, more poor people as well.
While prehistoric Man is often accorded neutrality through the negation of time (that is carried forth in the geologic temporality of the Anthropocene), he is rendered prehistorical and thus assumes an originary position that is undifferentiated.
Interest in such material evidence for ritual practice and belief was rekindled by the publication in 1987 of Ralph Merrifield's book, The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic, which provided compelling evidence that certain historical and prehistorical objects had ritual functions.
As a result, defending the liberal arts is not just a matter of supporting old-fashioned modes of thought and equally prehistorical forms of culture: if the people are to govern, they need to be properly educated--and education should be the State's prerogative.
Thus he endorsed the view to distance despotic rule of prehistorical Greece from the Western tradition: "the Minoan civilization was essentially non-European"; the Minoans were connected through a "few clear and even close bonds with Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt"; and "the sultan-like life of the kings of Cnossus and Phaestus, their courts, their officials, their economy, displayed features which were similar to those of their opposite numbers in the Near East; they were equally unlike anything Western"( 195-96).
Prehistorical and Historical Droughts in the United States
The work of coming to understand ourselves is both collective and individual, and in different ways it involves confrontation with repressed trauma (what happened, a historical question) and an acceptance of repressed desire (what motivates humans more generally, a prehistorical or better yet a transhistorical question).
Although his tales are, in some respects, postmodern, they are also intensely premodern, even prehistorical, in their drive to plumb the most primitive of existential states: encounters with what is dark, dangerous, mysterious, and inexplicable, whether these involve looking into the eyes of a black leopard on safari in East Africa or contemplating the quiet rage of a murderous dancer in Sri Lanka.
Kids can dress up, meet a life-size Gruffalo, create prehistorical art with Cave Baby, re-enact A Squash and a Squeeze and perform in Julia's theatre.