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the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles)

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In the logic of relations, Whitehead's concept of prehension can be formalized as xRy, meaning "x is prehended by y.
Second, the Spirit-in-process bears witness to negative prehensions, the suffering and isolation of a closed system, while simultaneously pointing towards resurrection in the form of God's invitation to concrescence.
The animal lost its prehension ability and was going down in physical condition.
A partir del concepto de prehension (Whitehead, 1925 en Tirado, 2011), se definira el VIH como un objeto virtual que implica a multitud de personas y entidades no humanas en una totalidad y las recoge en un unico aunamiento.
The dissolution of such a subject position enables the emergence of an alternative model of encounter that pauses at the word prehension (Whitehead 1933), the moment that precedes and enables understanding; the element of pure givenness to another that grounds but is qualitatively different from the decisive seize and grasp of comprehension or apprehension.
These lesions manifest by affecting the posture tonus, disturbances in active movements, in locomotion, prehension, coordination, etc.
Clinical examination revealed: erythema of the face, thin lips, erased expression lines, mild hardening of the skin, telangiectasias (Figure 1) of the lips, face and palms, sclerodactyly (Figure 2), non-pitting edema of the lower limbs, subcutaneous calcinosis (Figure 3) in the extensor surface of the joints (elbow and knee), bilaterally and mildly impaired strength prehension.
For example, the instantaneous cursor position depicted by the star in Figure 2(b) is on the edge of the potential well for the palmer prehension (PP) grasp (Figure 2(d)).
Developing Reading Com prehension through Collaborative Learning.
Cest dire que la representation virgilienne de lespace s'accompagne d'une co-reference a la motricite, liee notamment aux actes de prehension et de deplacement dans lespace.
The second half of the paper then draws upon Whitehead's concepts of occasion, prehension, and concrescence in order to apprehend the materiality of Tong Zi Dan, which, as a processual event, is never exhausted at an instant.
La prehension jouerait donc un role decisif dans le processus creatif, servant de referentiel mnemonique, un concept tout a fait en accord avec la conception du dessin du Grupmuv, pour qui l'evenement processuel et fusionnel est lie au mouvement et a la vision, ainsi qu'aux notions de duree et de spatiotemporalite.
She incorporated developmental and sensory techniques into teaching, such as prehension, gross motor, and regulatory sensory activities.
FAB score was 2/18 (lost three points each in similarities, lexical fluency, motor programming, conflicting instructions go-no go and one point in prehension behaviour).
Le terme cuisine est a prendre au sens large de systeme culinaire comportant une syntaxe, des regles de combinaison culinaire mais aussi de prehension alimentaire (Fischler 2001 [1990]).