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Synonyms for prehensile

adapted for grasping especially by wrapping around an object

having a keen intellect

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immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

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Many changes distinguish human feet from those of chimps--the big toe is straighter and not prehensile in humans, for instance--and those changes may be the product of tweaks to many genes.
The tests were designed to assess psychomotor behaviours, including rod walking to measure coordination and integrity of the vestibular system; wire suspension, which measures muscle strength and prehensile reflex; plank walking, which measures balance and coordination; inclined screen to measure muscle tone, strength, stamina and balance; and accelerating rotarod, measuring fine motor coordination, balance and resistance to fatigue.
Like a monstrous octopus, poverty spreads its nagging, prehensile tentacles into hamlets and villages all over our world .
The canines in most non-human primates are elongate and prehensile.
Many animals--like monkeys--have prehensile tails with round cross-sections, but they are covered in flesh or fur, which deform to grip objects.
Such an initiative may assist students in learning and enable a prehensile grip in a particular area.
Smaller sized, more fragile lianas are presumably related to the evolution of prehensile tails in vertebrates that need to travel across canopy gaps (Emmons and Gentry, 1983).
But Maxwell discovers that his strong, prehensile tail can be useful--in art, cooking, music, or more.
3 million years makes, hafted woodworking tools from an Upper Paleolithic site in northern China: prehensile wear experiments and archaeological implications, function and value in sickle segment analysis: Odellian perspectives, dynamic variables and the use-related reduction of Southern Huron projectile points, and the evolution of Old Cordilleran core technology.
as an attractive yet sinister figure with prehensile hair and a blotchy and distended queen-termite stomach, floating in a polluted sky and confronted by black birds, this film--first shown in Mutu's 2013 retrospective at the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham, North Carolina--gained a new resonance in Dakar.
Prehensile force is a vital aspect of many functional, occupational, and sporting activities (12).
Mouse opossums have opposable thumbs on their hind feet and prehensile tails to help them retain their balance as they traverse through the branches of the coffee plants.
BUCKMAN, S: "Babies and monkeys", The Nineteenth Century, 36, 743, (1984); KIDD, W: "The prehensile power of the hands of the human infant", Lancet, 150, (1897), p.
with less or more than one sure hand or doubly sure prehensile foot at