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open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

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47)--Calandrino is endowed with an eminently pregnable mind, an unfettered imagination, and a receptivity to ideas that in a less doltish person might easily pass for idealism, but has garnered Calandrino the reputation of a credulous fool (upon hearing of Calandrino's simplicity, the sharp-witted Maso del Saggio immediately resolves to dupe him "o fargli credere alcuna nuova cosa" 8.
During the course of the meeting, issues pertaining to military exercises and other professional capabilities, contacts between each other and making defense more pregnable came under discussion, sources added.
Because the skin is cracked where normal skin would fold, it is easily pregnable by bacteria and other contaminants, resulting in serious risk of fatal infection.
Capable of "localiz[ing] stimulation in an organ," attention underscores how pregnable sensibility is to the formal powers of reflection (N 2: 578).
As the pregnable woman becomes the mere vessel or rutted ditch of another man's "mire" (132), the mystery of female creation as a direct legacy of slavery--a grotesque through visceral anticipation of the assembly line--has been valued and therefore devalued.