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Synonyms for preference

Synonyms for preference

the act of choosing

favorable or preferential bias

a liking for something

Synonyms for preference

a strong liking

a predisposition in favor of something

the right or chance to choose

grant of favor or advantage to one over another (especially to a country or countries in matters of international trade, such as levying duties)

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It is helplessly elemental, but it is not the less grandly so, and if it deals with the simpler manifestations of character, character affected by the interests and passions rather than the tastes and preferences, it certainly deals with the larger moods through them.
Being a light-complexioned woman, she wore light clothes, as most blondes will, and appeared, in preference, in draggled sea-green, or slatternly sky-blue.
She was fanciful, had all sorts of unspoken preferences, and was easily offended.
Her feelings, her preferences, had each known the happiness of a return.
As it was, nobody having reason to complain of unjustly-diminished wages, nobody cared about any preferences in which profit was not involved.
My Cabinet Selections were all made before our former interview, but you have supplied a noble instance of patriotism in subordinating your personal preferences to the general good.
Summary: Listing of preference shares will make them a more attractive investment option.
The results of students' preference on this scale indicate that the distance education students had lower expectations related to instructor support than students enrolled in the other two courses.
Given the stark portrait of a university system seemingly uninterested in the ideal of social mobility, Bowen's suggestion that selective universities assign low-income students a preference in admissions akin to a legacy boost seems rather modest.
That candidate is erased from the voters' preference lists, and ballots of voters who had placed him first are converted into votes for their second choice.
The conceptual components of the model are divided into two categories--motivation and preference.
The source of "high importance" assigned to the aspect "length of training," for example, may stem from a preference for an intermediate (e.
In broad terms Arrow's impossibility theorem states that social welfare functions that aggregate the preferences of several individuals into a single social preference must be dictatorial if the aggregation process satisfies a few `regularity' conditions (transitivity, the Pareto principle and independence of irrelevant alternatives).
In a statewide campaign, the preference cartel would give me no slack.