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Synonyms for preferable

Synonyms for preferable

of greater excellence than another

Synonyms for preferable

more desirable than another


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Some class action statutes, those in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, do not provide specific guidance in assessing the preferability of class actions.
132) There are, to be sure, other ways one might wish to read this text, and it would require considerably more space than is here available to establish the preferability of my own interpretation.
24] A similar moral hierarchy of preferability and acceptability is present in the writings of William F.
Implementation of the change in accounting principle related to our LUKOIL investment is subject to the receipt of a preferability letter from our independent registered public accounting firm, which the Company expects to receive in connection with the filing of its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ending March 31, 2010.
3 Preferability of Oxford Catalysts Group Technology
The successor auditor also is responsible for evaluating the preferability of the new principle and consistent period-to-period application.
If collective self-determination presupposes hearer autonomy, then, from the point of view of self-determination, ideally autonomous votes are preferable to practically ideal votes; more generally, the preferability of votes varies with the amount of relevant information over which the citizen has deliberated.
Our independent registered public accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP ("Grant Thornton") has indicated that they expect to be able to issue a preferability letter with respect to the change in accounting policy, subject to completion of their audit procedures for the year ended December 31, 2009.
This Statement also carries forward the guidance in Opinion 20 requiring justification of a change in accounting principle on the basis of preferability.
This Form 10-Q includes the Company's condensed interim financial statements and a Preferability Letter from its independent registered public accounting firm related to the changes in accounting principles discussed above.
Utility theory is interested in people's preferences or values and with assumptions about a person's preferences and with judgements of preferability, worth, value, goodness or any of a number similar concept that enable them to be presented in numerically useful ways (Fishburn 1965, 1968).
1) Although GAAP may not prescribe the method for measuring the fair value of an item, it expresses a preferability for the use of observable market prices to make that determination.
As such, the change would have required certain actions to be taken including obtaining a preferability letter from the external auditor and disclosure of the change.
Honeywell's independent auditors have agreed as to the preferability of this change, and importantly International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) utilize a MTM methodology for pension accounting.
Foremost among the similarities are that the determination of the preferability of a change from one generally accepted accounting principle to another and the assessment of the quality of financial reporting are both value judgments based on particular circumstances, but are not based on a belief that one acceptable method is always preferable to another.