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Synonyms for preferable

Synonyms for preferable

of greater excellence than another

Synonyms for preferable

more desirable than another


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FASB has endorsed the new rules advanced by the PCC, paving the way for a final, written vote on a new standard that would allow private companies to initially elect the GAAP alternatives without a preferability assessment.
It was determined in the sensory analysis made within this study that the most important factors distinguishing the preferability status of the mutton were WBS (0.
In spite of ongoing heritage conservation by the government at the study area, the findings of this study disclosed low preferability of KLHCC as a prominent historic area in the eyes of international tourists.
It produced an expansive archive of knowledge of foreign law and many debates about the preferability or cross-cultural viability of certain legal techniques over others.
Multi-attribute contractors ranking method by applying ordering of feasible alternatives of solutions in terms of preferability technique, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, Vol.
When applying this method all permutations of alternatives according to their preferability are checked and compared among themselves [30].
Routes from one subsystem to another are manually and statically defined as a list of data links to be attempted, ordered by preferability.
When applying this MCDM method, all permutations of alternatives according to their preferability are checked and compared among themselves (Turskis 2008).
Notably, several of these Prophetic traditions do not meet the standards of authenticity of the medieval hadith experts, which is perhaps not as pressing an issue when the ruling at hand is only one of preferability and not obligation or prohibition.
Sidoti, supra note 135 (showing a check mark next to Stevens' recorded remarks regarding the preferability of relying on the Stanley v.
A truly hybrid approach is required, the kind that Celestine Woo argues for in her consideration of the work of Laurence Yep: "In order for a story to be empowering to the Asian American child, it must grapple with the dual pulls of both Asian and American cultures, not imply the preferability of either" (253).
Gould's diagnosis was meant to counter an antiquated, fraudulent humanism that supported any appeal, through notions of urgency and presence, to the preferability of live performance (he reserved special scorn for the vogue for "live recording").
He then defends the possibility, feasibility, and preferability of a two-level scenario whereby we can keep having occurrent beliefs that x is wrong alongside a disposition to believe, in 'reflective and detached contexts', that it is not the case that x is wrong.
22) This requirement is also introduced into the preferability analysis, (23) which is similar to the superiority criteria of Rule 23 in the US.