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existing in a former state or previous to something else

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Wordsworth defended the notion of the soul's preexistence at some
A fully coupled thermal stress analysis in conjunction with the VCCT is used to examine the thermal crack growth in the FGM plate with a preexistence crack.
23); I mention here only three of those reasons: (1) Gregory, in the aforementioned passage and in De anima, is attacking the preexistence of disembodied souls together with metensomatosis, which Origen explicitly rejected; thus, Gregory's target could not have been Origen.
Dans le chapitre consacre au contexte canadien, l'auteure--tout en montrant les differentes formes de coredaction et leurs avantages--souligne en quoi cette forme d'ecriture ne constitue en rien un contournement de la traduction et de ses difficultes puisqu'a terme, toute coredaction suppose d'une part l'existence prealable d'une idee ou d'un plan et d'autre part un processus ou l'experience a montre la preexistence recurrente de l'anglais, et donc du recours a la traduction.
One key factor was the preexistence of post-abortion care services--health care providers were already familiar with the main safe abortion methods.
All pagan religion and philosophy reposes immediately or ultimately on the doctrine of preexistence.
The establishment and practicing of democracy requires society's predisposition, fulfillment of certain prerequisites (adequate socio-economic, political and cultural developments) and preexistence of mechanisms, such as institutions, etc.
In other words, Jesus' divine sonship--his filial relationship to the Father--is defined in terms of his obedience to God and his role as the Suffering Servant, and not in terms of his eternal preexistence in God as the Logos.
Pharisees embraced the spiritual realm considered in the new philosophies including preexistence and transmigration: the idea that the soul went "elsewhere" after death.
The preexistence of an agreed framework for cooperative management of migration, based on a set of common objectives and principles, would have made it possible to minimize the current strain on the migration system.
He found the idea of preexistence a valuable literary device to underscore the unavoidable loneliness of all humans.
She tries hard to retrieve what now seems like a lush, fable-like preexistence.
186, "negotiated settlements with good faith and give and take on all sides" would lead to "the reconciliation of the preexistence of aboriginal societies with the sovereignty of the Crown".
35(1) must be directed towards the reconciliation of the preexistence of Aboriginal societies with the sovereignty of the Crown.
My husband and I, both perpetual theology students (we met in divinity school), have taken to describing our daughter as the lone believer in "the preexistence of the Cookie" (her nickname de jour).