preemptive right

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the right granting to shareholders the first opportunity to buy a new issue of stock

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Till yesterday the rule was that the province which has the largest population has the preemptive right on every resource.
Brothers Mario and Guilherme Frering, the current controllers of CAEMI with 60% of the voting shares, have closed the BHP deal pending approval by antitrust authorities and Mitsui's exercise of its preemptive right, CAEMI said in an statement released in Sao Paulo.
or a preemptive right in the nature of a right of first refusal in gross with respect to an interest in land .
FTI, the minority shareholder in Kvantel, will first acquire EFI's shares in Kvantel through having exercised a preemptive right to acquire such shares.
FTI, the minority shareholder in Kvantel, will first acquire EFI's shares in Kvantel through having exercised a preemptive right to acquire such shares and NGTH will acquire all the shares in Kvantel pursuant to a share purchase agreement between FTI as seller and NGTH as buyer.
The offer is expected to be around AUD500m, which is the offer made to News Corp by Singapore Airlines before its bid was prevented by Air New Zealand threatening to exercise its preemptive right.
If it accepts Telefonica's offer, Mediaset would be waiving its preemptive right over Prisa's stake in DTS.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-July 22, 2011--Yara considers using preemptive right to Burrup Fertilisers, official says(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The proposal follows a failed bid in 1999 by Singapore Airlines to acquire the 50% stake after Air New Zealand threatened to use its preemptive right to stop the sale.
Previously, Yara has confirmed to iMarkedet Xpress that it has a preemptive right to the shares.
According to analysts, the issue of ownership has stalled the fleet restructuring because Ansett had apparently hoped to secure capital from Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIA), but this was thwarted when Air New Zealand exercised its preemptive right to prevent SIA from purchasing News Corp Ltd`s 50% stake in Ansett during June 1999.
Under the Company's Articles of Organization, current holders of the Common Stock would have the preemptive right to acquire shares of Common Stock upon the exercise of the Warrants.
The shareholders authorised on 16 May private placements and share issues to suitable investors, aimed at raising additional capital for IDEX, waiving their preemptive right to subscribe for shares in such cases.
Chesapeake has a preemptive right to purchase Gastar common shares in an amount that would maintain Chesapeake's percentage of Gastar's fully-diluted shares outstanding immediately following Gastar's issuance of new common shares.
The largest stockholder, which is an affiliate of US Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX), is buying the shares through the exercise of its preexisting contractual preemptive right.