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Synonyms for preeminent

Synonyms for preeminent

greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement


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The AV Preeminent Rating is awarded only to those lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability.
When it comes to our mission, DAV is the preeminent leader in information technology," said Greg Nichols, Director of IT.
This compilation, from one of the preeminent English-language short story anthology series, features a number of powerful, memorable moments.
Throughout the year, scholars convened at such varied sites as the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the University of Stirling in Scotland, and Morgan State University in Baltimore to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Souls of Black Folk, and in so doing to celebrate, as Raymond Wolters puts it, "the preeminent black scholar of his era." Along with the conferences came a flurry of publications.
"Finally, RIA's financial support enables the Institute to engage in a full complement of educational, networking, and advocacy programs and, hence, helps the Institute pursue its vision of being the preeminent association of business tax professionals." Mr.
The world's preeminent scientist significantly confronted race issues, but this facet of Albert Einstein's life is omitted from "more than one hundred biographies and monographs," say Fred Jerome and Rodger Taylor, coauthors of this new book.
On the basis of the early paintings, Clement Greenberg--the preeminent modernist critic, who, among others, has also written about the "derivation" of modernist critical purity from Jewish critical purity--invited Olitski to exhibit at French & Co.
This preeminent authority on the history and ecology of fire has bested himself with this most recent book.
Emulex Corporation, the industry's preeminent source for a broad range of advanced storage networking infrastructure solutions announced recently that NEC Corporation has implemented the award-winning Emulex InSpeed embedded storage switching technology into its new NEC iStorage S4900 Series of enterprise storage solutions.
One of the world's preeminent biologists, Edward Osborne Wilson was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on June 10, 1929.
Highly recommended reading for students of theology as well as non-specialist general readers, and arranged chronologically from January through December, this 400-page compilation is enhanced with additional appendices including "Jesus: Names, Titles, Metaphors, Figures of Speech and Pictures of Jesus"; "Jesus: Preeminent Pronouns of Jesus in Scripture"; "The Father: Preeminent Pronouns of the Father in Scripture"; The Holy Spirit: The Names, Titles and Emblems of the Holy Spirit"; The Trinity: The Names of the Lord (Jehovah) in the Old Testament"; "The Trinity: The Names of the Lord God (Jehovah Elohim; Kurios Ho Theos) in Scripture"; and "The Trinity: The Names of God (Elohim) in Scripture".
Isbin has become the preeminent classical guitarist of our time on her own terms--by studying Bach but also by embracing world music and by commissioning some of today's most adventuresome composers.
The Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award is given to an individual or individuals who have made preeminent scientific and engineering achievements of proven commercial benefit to the world's pulp, paper, board, and forest products industries and the other industries that TAPPI serves.
Perhaps the preeminent evolutionary biologist of our time presents his magnum opus here--a comprehensive, 4-billion-year tour of life on Earth.
The focus is on showing just how developing human capital is the preeminent strategy for corporate survival and sustainable profit margins in an era of increasingly competitive and unprecedented changes by commercially and technologically.