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a dehydrogenated analogue of cortisol (trade names Orasone or Deltasone or Liquid Pred or Meticorten)

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The trial was designed to determine if newly diagnosed patients with metastatic prostate cancer, who are naive to castration and have high-risk prognostic factors, would benefit from the addition of abiraterone acetate and prednisone to androgen deprivation therapy vs ADT alone.
When systemic therapies are necessary, prednisone is a useful tool, but aim for the lowest possible dose, he said.
However, it was significantly different when compared with prednisone treated and healthy control group (Fig.
Prednisone treatment for idiopathic +facial paralysis (Bell's palsy) N Engl J Med 1972; 287: 1268-72.
Adherence is clearly the appeal of a single-dose regimen, but it should be pointed out that, besides the factor of script fulfillment, prednisone adherence was in fact intrinsically controlled for in the study.
Docetaxel plus prednisone or mitoxantrone plus prednisone for advanced prostate cancer.
5 mg to 10 mg prednisone equivalent) and stable DMARD therapy for greater than or equal to 1 month with no biologic therapy in the prior 4 months.
Although analyses did not demonstrate a relationship between time until starting the steroids and identified effects of prednisone, clinical sense may press us to want to start them earlier in the course of disease.
If any of these medications help you avoid prednisone, then I think you come out ahead," Dr.
My patient is a 62-year-old pleasant woman who has been on prednisone at high dosages for years for her polymyalgia rheumatica.
Systematic review of 10 Randomised Controlled Trials by W Chartapisak et al [1], which involved 1230 children aged less than 18 years, in a setting of Secondary and tertiary paediatric and paediatric nephrology services, with the main outcome measures persistent proteinuria and/or haematuria, concluded that short-term prednisone has not been shown to be effective in treating or preventing renal involvement in HSP: Meta-analyses of four well designed placebo-controlled RCTs revealed insignificant difference in the risk of persistent kidney disease at 6 months (n=379; RR: 0.
The dose of prednisone was gradually reduced (approximately 10 mg per 15 days) from 4 weeks after the introduction of azathioprine.
The proposed indication is the treatment - with prednisone or prednisolone - of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer in adult men whose disease has progressed on or after a docetaxel-based chemotherapy regimen.
9 months longer than those treated with prednisone alone, the researchers found.