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  • verb

Synonyms for predispose

make liable to


  • make liable to
  • lay open to
  • make susceptible to
  • make vulnerable to
  • make prone to
  • put at a risk of

Synonyms for predispose

to have an impact on in a certain way

Words related to predispose

make susceptible

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Washington, April 24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that women are "more intuitive" than men due to a biological component, which would predispose women to adopt a "less reflexive" attitude in life.
In so doing, the Court gave pornographers free rein to publish any filth that exceeds the Canadian community standard of tolerance provided only that the material is not so extreme as to provably predispose persons to act in an anti-social manner that is incompatible with the proper functioning of Canadian society.
These patients may have unrecognized low blood volume which predisposes them to kidney failure.
According to Tabakoff, "We know that high levels of alcohol consumption can increase the risk of becoming alcohol dependent in those who have a genetic make up that predisposes to dependence.
One variant appeared significantly more often in obese people, suggesting that it predisposes them to gain weight or that the other variant somehow wards off obesity.
The disease is bilateral in 50% of cases, which suggests that some constitutional or systemic factor predisposes to its development.
The gene also predisposes carriers to the development of Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases.
In fact, scientists already knew that mutations that completely disable the gene for KCNQ1 produce a heart condition called long QT syndrome, which predisposes a person to sudden death.
When the presence of a concha bullosa predisposes a patient to occlusion of the ostiomeatal complex and subsequent sinus disease, surgery might be indicated.
John McMichael, the Company's founder and CEO, said: "Urinary incontinence causes acute embarrassment and often social isolation, and predisposes sufferers to urinary tract infections.
Scientists analyzing the DNA of families whose men are prone to prostate cancer have found a mutated gene that predisposes them to the disease.
ATM, a gene that predisposes people to certain kinds
However, since the functions of the three hormones aren't fully understood, it's impossible to say whether a dearth directly predisposes women to particular diseases and results in early death, he says.