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  • verb

Synonyms for predispose

make liable to


  • make liable to
  • lay open to
  • make susceptible to
  • make vulnerable to
  • make prone to
  • put at a risk of

Synonyms for predispose

to have an impact on in a certain way

Words related to predispose

make susceptible

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Mats may predispose cats to skin infections and external parasites such as fleas, so they should be dealt with promptly when observed.
Second, she held that the orgies did not predispose others to anti-social behaviour.
Environmental agents with estrogenic agonist or antagonist activity may also alter gene expression during development, which may lead to functional deficits later in life that predispose one to cancer development.
These can be present in the design of the strategy--which can predispose it to failure--or during execution, Chatterjee notes, adding that during design, companies often miss out on strategies that can avoid or minimize capability risks.
Fish, especially fatty fish and fish oil, are significant dietary sources of mercury, which may predispose people to heart disease.
He finds no evidence that biological or genetic differences either predispose men to war or predispose women to peace.
There are several factors that predispose students to commit a violent act.
Antihypertensives and cardiovascular drugs that lower blood pressure and/or pulse may predispose the patient to falls.
This module discusses the relationship between the three core personality characteristics that predispose a person to chemical dependence and the types of life situations that "trigger" predisposed people to chemical use as a maladaptive coping mechanism, and also examines eligibility determination, service planning, and service provision.
John Sue from the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne Australia stated that researchers now believe that tiny cracks in the skin barrier predispose some people to eczema.
Washington, April 24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that women are "more intuitive" than men due to a biological component, which would predispose women to adopt a "less reflexive" attitude in life.
Having a particular form of the gene that encodes the natural compound lactoferfin could predispose some people to travelers' diarrhea, a study finds.
Finally, pediatric studies suggest that high motilin levels may predispose infants to colic.
Inflammation: Achilles tendinitis may predispose a runner to rupture.