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  • verb

Synonyms for predispose

make liable to


  • make liable to
  • lay open to
  • make susceptible to
  • make vulnerable to
  • make prone to
  • put at a risk of

Synonyms for predispose

to have an impact on in a certain way

Words related to predispose

make susceptible

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The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, FANR, issued or drafted five regulations containing requirement on managing radioactive waste such as "Radiation Protection and Predisposal Radioactive Waste Management for Nuclear Facilities", "Decommissioning of Facilities" and "Decommissioning Trust Fund".
Ye, "Genetic polymorphism (rs329498) in the Pellino-1 gene as possible predisposal factor for systemic lupus erythematosus in a Chinese population," Immunological Investigations, vol.
CRC risk factors include hereditary components (i.e., hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer), predisposal to polyp formation, large bowel inflammatory diseases, obesity, high fat diet, alcoholism, smoking, and stress [1-5].
As part of the collaborative research partnership, a GeneAlign scientific team will work alongside a Pacira team to develop and utilise these survey tools and genetic testing assets to identify preoperative patients with genetic markers indicating a potential predisposal to opioid addiction.
Other varying factors such as the bereaved group's diet, exercise regime, and predisposal to AF were not covered by the study.
Elderly patients and patients with liver atrophy, decreased fat tissue in the abdomen, kyphoscoliosis, atherosclerosis of the cystic artery, and increased peristalsis of neighboring organs were defined as predisposal factors (7-9).
Oral clefts: a retrospective study of prevalence and predisposal factors in the state of Mexico.
Zhupanova offers a few ideas to inspire product development teams, saying, "Factors such as allergies, genetic predisposal, nutrition, climate and exposure to the sun are all individual needs perfect for tailoring."