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capable of being foretold

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5 million direct and indirect labour and has a lot more untapped potential which is linked to predictable and transparent policy.
Predictable Plan removes any nasty surprises by allowing customers to lock in their energy costs for the entire year and pay the same amount monthly or fortnightly.
As COO, McKeown led day-to-day operations as well as presented top-level client sessions on the Predictable Success model.
But while the cable MSO's steady subscriber revenues tend to make its earnings predictable, the Mouse House has taken a roller-coaster ride this year, with a massive flop in "John Carter," but boffo returns from "The Avengers.
Look for predictable risk areas/behaviors and correct them.
Alas, Sir Nicholas Stern's report offers no easy options as to how we might cope with what are now predictable increases in temperature coming our way.
In a nutshell: Florida seniors overcome loss by looking for love in this predictable rom-com, which steers clear of condescension and the unconventional.
Authors Max Bazerman of the Harvard Business School, and Michael Watkins, founder of Genesis Advisers, a leadership and strategy consultancy, define a predictable surprise as "an event or set of events that take an individual or group by surprise, despite prior awareness of all the information necessary to anticipate the events and their consequences.
So utterly predictable is the formula that the textbooks are now like peas in a pod.
Careful analysis can be used to identify predictable surprises before they explode," they say, their examples running from the supposedly out-of-anyone's-control (September 11 being the obvious illustration) to everyday things closer to home (buying a car).
However, higher-order systems, those greater than second order, are not generally found in nature and may not be predictable by human beings (National Research Council, 1997; Rushby, 1993).
Oddly enough the removal of predictable 'disturbances' (e.
Each North Korean action will have a specific and predictable consequence.
Adding capacity was a basic exercise of adding more central processing units, disk storage or random access memory, each of which had fairly predictable costs that could be allocated on a per user or per application basis and were often included in an information technology charge-back model.
Rat, Champagne and Shaunna join JC to form a posse and set out on a predictable journey to destroy each traitor, one by one.