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(logic) a declaration of something self-evident


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No stories connect to this predication. Readers may infer that Jesus clothed the man possessed by Legion since Gospel accounts mention that "the man was clothed and in his right mind" (Mark 5:15; Luke 8:27, 35).
Owing to this difference, the end result of the predication [P(A)] will be dependent on the dominant content of the predicate (P).
For correctness' sake, the following clarification is desirable: Hungarian secondary resultative predication manifests itself in syntax in the form of a resultative construction, thus occasionally, if required, I will use this term as well.
Because the auditor has sufficient reason to believe the purchasing agent is engaging in illicit activity-perhaps directing business to the supplier in exchange for the personal discount--she has predication to initiate a fraud examination.
Scotus, on the other hand, was particularly wary of what he considered an overly facile application of analogical predication to theological discourse.
Dispositional stative predication. The dispositional stative predicate is formed in Tzeltal with the suffix - [V.sub.l] l or its distributive plural counterpart -ajtik, as in (23):
[phrase omitted] at 1448b16 involve a cognitive mode characteristic of Aristotelian induction that .joins particulars with universals through spontaneous, nondiscursive noetic predication. Aristotle's view of the cognition of tragic mimesis can be subsumed under the practice of thedrier.
KARACHI -- Medical and Health Services Department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has declared high alert in 13 health facilities to cater to heat-stork patients following the predication of heat-wave in the city.
Senior Director, M and HSD, KMC, Dr Birbal Genani, while talking to reporter said as per the directives of Mayor Karachi following the predication of heat-wave in Karachi in upcoming days, high alert is already declared in all major health facilities.
Footie5 is a new free-to-play, football predication game created by The Pools and allows users (aged 18 and over) to win big cash prizes by predicting the scores of five top football matches.
The function addressed to by the volume is the expression of nonverbal predication, a notion which includes primary predication by nominal predicates like e.g.
Predication and Ontology: Studies and Texts on Avicennian and Post-Avicennian Readings of Aristotle's Categories
While giving briefing to committee the chairman NEPRA Tariq Saddozai has stated that government thermal plants has the capacity of 4000MW but its predication was only 1300MW.
'His predication has proved and now the PTI is going to form government with the support of allied parties,' he said.