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Synonyms for predetermination

(theology) being determined in advance

a mental determination or resolve in advance

the act of determining or ordaining in advance what is to take place

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The analysis based on the predetermination of the effect of a power transaction on the system has shown a possible congestion in the system that may lead to a contingency situation such as a line outage later.
Froyez added, during the conference, that genetic predetermination represents a factor of no more than 5% in the onset of epilepsy, while head traumas, deficiencies in kidney functions, kidney failure, liver and brain tumours, brain haemorrhage, brain strokes, and atherosclerosis account for the majority of the remaining cases of epilepsy.
The Jesuit theologian read Augustine's Ad Simplicianum against the Dominican doctrine of God's physical predetermination.
Keywords: management, international management architecture, predetermination, obfuscation managerial, regulatory functions, institutionalization.
Instead of the mechanical repetition of weaving, knotting enables greater complexity, allowing for both intuitive accident and human predetermination.
In an 18-page legal challenge sent to the minister hours before Tuesday's deadline for representations, law firm Aughton Ainsworth says that Ms Morgan's predetermination of the school's future before it was allowed to make representations raise "very serious issues" over whether the decision to serve a notice of intention to terminate the school's funding agreement was made lawfully.
For a longer one: predetermination redetermination, or several other pre-/re-pairs repairs.
Taking a critical approach to the literature, I contend that such an overarching predetermination oversimplifies the phenomenon, often resulting in an inaccurate application of the law.
In such a world, intention, predetermination, freedom and responsibility are turned upside down and treated to an inspection process that combines spiritual insight with witty, gritty, wry humor and observations on modern society's ironies.
The primary argument considered here is preformationism (divine predetermination of life) vs.
If the increase in the principal amount is as a gesture of thanks and without predetermination, it would not be riba.
On close review, a predetermination might be incompatible with the philosophy behind the referenced Quran verses, as a person committing riba is gambling on the interest rate period for guaranteed profit, while Islamic banks do not specify a time period.
Son groupe de danseurs se focalise sur la recherche du mouvement a partir de la proposition de l'oeuvre, il n'y a pas une predetermination d'une technique specifique.
nurture pendulum has swung toward genetic predetermination in recent years, with much-hyped searches for (and often, announcements of) gay genes, obesity genes, alcoholism genes, and more.
The employer's use of a trespass order suggested predetermination of the employer's eventual decision to dismiss the charge nurse, according to the ERA.