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  • verb

Synonyms for predestine

to determine the future of in advance

Synonyms for predestine

decree or determine beforehand

Related Words

foreordain by divine will or decree

foreordain or determine beforehand

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The Haydock win came over 3m on heavy ground and, with a similar surface in store for Predestine here, the conditions look ideal
Dougie Costello is going great guns this season and the 3lb claimer took his score for the campaign to 20 winners, courtesy of Predestine in the 3m handicap chase.
The David Johnson-owned gelding trailed home 50 lengths behind the eventual winner Predestine in eighth place and the stewards held an inquiry after the race.
The race was won by Predestine with another Pipe runner, Murat, the 9-4 favourite, in second.
PREDESTINE, one of two horses running for a new syndicate called the Dream Makers Partnership, gave his novice owners a day to remember when landing the juvenile hurdle under a strong J P McNamara drive.
Numerous practical and detailed solutions, such as an integrated roof box, predestine the prototype for winter activities of all types.
As their writings make clear, the institutionalization of art in museums or its commodification in galleries cannot be conceived of as the co-optation or misappropriation of studio art, whose portable form predestines it to a life of circulation and exchange, market and museological incorporation.
Thiel aims to be "congruent" with Catholic teaching that God is omnipotently good and predestines none to hell (92), but differs over dominant conceptions of death as divine retribution for original sin.
He asserted that it revises a central dogma of molecular biology-that a protein molecule has one shape that predestines one biological function.
This focus also predestines Spanish poets to never getting beyond their formidable Italian primogenitor.
Oversimplifying the process predestines the succession plan to miss its full potential.
Using an allegorical religious dialogue and The Duchess of Malfi, Crockett in Part 3 addresses tragedy and Protestant paradoxes, namely the difficulties concomitant with loving a God who damns the human race and predestines that damnation, a conflict made especially tricky since adherence without doubt is a sign of such election.