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Synonyms for predecessor

previous job holder


Synonyms for predecessor

Synonyms for predecessor

one who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office)

something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone

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Although these communication responsibilities are essentially the same for all audits, the reporting issues relative to non-SEC issuers are simpler because predecessor auditors are typically not asked to reissue their reports to accompany comparative financial statements.
While the new Twinkies may be smaller than their predecessors the change may have occurred a few months prior to the bankruptcy filing in November.
RENAULT reckons that its latest Laguna will be a better long-term investment than its predecessor by holding on to more of its initial value over the typical three-year ownership period.
The new pontiff will, of course, face great challenges, but he has the example and record of his predecessor, the beloved John Paul II.
In a nutshell: Both more ambitious and more tidy than its predecessors - but with an excellent cast.
He finds this early modern pastoral world markedly more heterosexual than its classical predecessors, one in which "bonds between men" are marginalized or "harnessed for the purpose of celebrating bonds between men and women" (145).
Second, complicating Taylor's life has been the fact that his most recent predecessor, Summers, managed to more than double the permanent international economic staff, often with "heavy interventionist types.
Kaiser's immediate predecessor, Mary Allen, had been fired after about eighteen months and left describing the position as "a dog of a job," while her own predecessor, Genista Macintosh, coming from the Royal National Theatre, to which she later smartly returned, stayed only five months, saying that she thought she might become ill if she continued.
The transfer of the taxable wage base of each employee prevents double taxation, as the successor corporation is effectively credited for the taxable wages reported by the predecessor.
To fully treat the amalgamated corporation as a continuation of its predecessors, we recommend that the predecessors also be able to deduct from their Part I.
Our predecessors would have thought that "bottom line" was a mark made on your skin by elastic and that "downsizing" was some sort of cruel euphemism for "mass, random dismissals.
These meters are upgraded in both visual and performance over their predecessors.
The cast-iron exhaust manifolds have sections of wall that are just 3 mm, which results in components that are 34% lighter than their predecessors.
Smallman gave Schutz's predecessors as Dresden Kapellmeister the briefest, and not always the most accurate, of introductions -- each received just one sentence of text, and four were given short entries in the Personalia appendix.