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Synonyms for precursor

Synonyms for precursor

one that indicates or announces someone or something to come

one that precedes, as in time

Synonyms for precursor

a substance from which another substance is formed (especially by a metabolic reaction)

a person who goes before or announces the coming of another

something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone

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[USPRwire, Fri Aug 16 2019] Solution Deposition Precursor Market: Introduction The process of applying a thin film on the surface of a substrate is known as thin film deposition.
'Some of these chemical manufacturers produce large quantities of precursor chemicals and NPs (new psychoactives),' the report said.
[ClickPress, Thu Jul 04 2019] In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the bleach precursor market sector, Fact.MR has evenly presented a comprehensive bleach precursor market analysis to its extensive online repository.
A team of neuroscientists sought to answer a fundamental question in their quest to combat Alzheimer's disease -- "Is amyloid precursor protein the mastermind behind Alzheimer's disease or is it just a conspirator?"
of 107 MT narcotics, one MT precursor chemicals and 76 MT narcotics in 2012, 130 MT narcotic and 120 MT precursor chemicals
Precursor chemicals also known as scheduled substances or drug precursors are used in the manufacturing of narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances.
The precipitate thus obtained was washed with distilled [H.sub.2]O several times, filtered, and finally dried in a vacuum at 50[degrees]C for 12 h to afford the PBz precursor (Scheme 1).
An year-wise data regarding seizures issued by Narcotics Control Division on Thursday revealed that the year 2011 witnessed seizures of 107 MT narcotics, one MT precursor chemicals and 76 MT narcotics in 2012, 130 MT narcotic and 120 MT precursor chemicals in 2013, in 2014, 158 MT narcotics and 101 MT precursor chemicals, and 205 MT narcotics and 5 MT precursor chemicals in 2015.
Precursor materials are made using cobalt, nickel and manganese and the cathode is the final product after the precursors are combined with lithium.
(1) It is known that the initial stage (precursor lesion) of RAP, also called type 3 nv, involves the development of an angioma (neovascular complex) originating from the deep capillary network (DCN) of the retina.
Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan being premier drug law enforcement agency is leading internationally collaborated operation substitute to identify the illicit trafficking of precursor chemical.
With reanalyses unable to resolve the mesoscale dynamics of the sting-jet descents, a precursor diagnostic was applied to the ERA-Interim reanalysis.
L-tryptophan (L-TRP), the physiological precursor of auxins is directly involved in microbial biosynthesis of auxins.
"Precursor" and "essential" chemicals play two critical roles in the production of illegal drugs: as compounds required in the production of synthetic drugs or as refining agents and solvents for processing plant-based materials such as coca into cocaine and opium poppy into heroin.
It also includes new data supporting the treatment of patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive (Ph+) relapsed or refractory B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).